27 Types of Beach Chairs [Handheld + Portable + Folding]

Is it even a vacation?  What could be more relaxing and comforting than reclining and watching the waves lash and sparkle under the bright sun? However, you are sure to get some sand stuck to the skin if you sit on a towel or mat. It is inevitable. Therefore, there are beach chairs. 

Hurray! Problem solved.

You can rent them at the beach stall or save some cash for a budget-friendly, easy-to-carry, and lightweight beach chair.

 If you choose the latter, let’s get to know the different types of beach chairs available in the market.

Types of beach chairs

According to a study, it was found that 57% of global tourists choose beaches as their travel destination. So, now I guess it must be worth investing in a beach chair if you, too, are a beach enthusiast.

Furthermore, it comes in different styles, shapes, sizes, comfort levels, and portability. So let’s get to know more about some of the best beach chairs from the list below. Let’s get started!

Classic beach chair

source free3d.com

This beach chair stands at the height of two inches above the sand. Therefore, you do not have to worry about sitting on the hot sand. Not to mention, you can also outstretch your legs and feet deeply in the sand.

In addition, it also allows you to sit and enjoy the lashing of the waves on your feet.

Lounge chair

source insider.com

Feel like taking a nap after having fun in the water? The lounge chair is the best option for you. Therefore, this chair comes with pillows and sometimes has a padded headrest. Thereby allowing you to relax a little more comfortably.

Not only are they in chaise style, but they also have multiple reclining positions. Hence, you can adjust it at your convenience. On the negative side, these chairs are difficult to carry around.

Backpack Beach Chairs

source vit.edu.au

If you are planning to travel to a beach that is miles and miles away from you, then this is the best backpack beach chair that will come to your rescue. This type of chair is easy to carry around as it is light in weight.

Thus, all you have to do is strap it on the back and unfold it when you are ready to sit down at the beach. Also, literally what its name means, a backpack beach chair. Not to mention, they become difficult to sit on after a short time. 

Kids beach chair

source obralimpa.com

These chairs are made especially for the little ones. Therefore, they are small in height. If you feel like buying one, I won’t judge you. Have fun. Not only are these chairs themed, but they are also available in bright, happy colors.

This chair has been designed to match the tiny bodies of kids. Similarly, they are durable and have aluminum frames. In addition, you do not need to worry about food spills as the chair is made from materials like polyester fabric. Hence, easy to clean.

Zero-G beach chairs

source chairstalk.com

This chair helps to take the pressure off your spine and allows proper circulation in your legs. However, it does have numerous recline positions, but it does not recline completely to a flat position.

Not only are they suitable for beaches but they can also be used as outdoor chairs. Not to mention, they are available with many features such as cup holders, canopies, and padding.

They are 14 inches off the ground and weigh at least 15 pounds; also, they have a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds. However, the Zero Gravity beach chair is expensive. Neither is it light in weight. Besides, it is very comfortable

Canopy Beach Chairs

source ro.pinterest.com

This type of beach chair is similar to the Classic beach chair, except it has an attached canopy. The canopy is attached to the back of the chair and provides shade. Therefore, you can sit in the scorching heat without sunglasses.

The frame of the canopy beach chair is made of aluminum, and the seat is made of molded plastic. Not to mention, this beach chair is adjustable in different positions so that you can as well as lie down. Also, they’re available with a permanent canopy as well as a detachable canopy.

Padded beach chairs

source i.pinimg.com

This type of beach chair is similar to the classic chair and the canopy chair. The only difference being they have foam in the back and seat. Therefore, providing extra comfort.

In addition, you can find a padded beach chair with padded armrests as well. However, this (the padded beach chair) is not a typical beach chair.

Folding beach chairs

source gardenista.com

The folding beach chair is the most common chair among all others on the list. They are simple and are also lightweight, and the frame is made from aluminum.

However, it is also available in different types of styles, such as wood and plastic. It does not have upholstery, just a plain panel of fabric.

Sand beach chairs

source pixels.com

This beach chair is similar to lounge chairs. The only difference is that it has more graceful curves. In addition, simple design. Note that it might not be the right option for you if you have leg or back problems.

The sand chair is more sturdy in contrast to the traditional lounge chair.

Wooden beach chairs

source freepik.com

This chair has a hardwood frame. Besides, it is elegant and comfortable. These beach chairs come with an amazing feature of a cup holder. It is a great beach chair and suitable for outdoor events such as concerts and BBQs. In addition, they make for a beautiful lawn chair. 

Fun fact: Did you know that varnishing and sanding wooden beach chairs can prolong the chair life. However, the chair should be made from top-quality wood material.


source pinterest.com.au

Although not a chair, it has made itself familiar with the beach. The plus point of a hammock is you can easily fold it into your tote and set it up anywhere.

However, beach hammocks have their steel frame. So calm down; you need not go hunting for trees to tie it up. 

Camp beach chairs

source nytimes.com

It is portable, convenient, lightweight, and easy to carry beach chairs. It allows you to kick back and relax wherever you are. Not to mention, these are basic camping chairs and are available in different sizes.

Not only is it suitable for beaches, but you can also use it to camp at the beach, so as the name suggests.

Beach chair with umbrella

source vecteezy.com

First, we had the canopy chair, and now we have a beach chair with an umbrella. Likewise, it is a classic chair that gives enough shade to protect you from the harsh UV rays.

In addition, the umbrella is permanent or can be detached. Also, you can position the umbrella as you wish. Thus, getting a peaceful nap with the glares of the sun getting in the way.

High seat chair

source onlinefashionsale.com

This chair stands at least 12 inches from the ground or sand. However, its seat height can go up to 20 inches off the ground. Therefore, they are easy to jump in and jump out of. It is also suitable for people with bad knees.

TIP: Apply paste wax of grease to the beach chair when not in use, as salt can easily rust the chairs.

Beach chair for elderly

source amazon.com

This chair elevates at a higher ground level than the others. Not to mention, also provide back support while sitting. This helps to remove pressure off the back. It is not only meant for senior citizens but also can be used by everyone.

TIP: Pick a chair that also has an insulated beverage pouch to warm you up after a cold swim.

Heavy-duty chair

source insight-egypt.com

This chair is much more sturdy than a regular beach chair. Its seat offers you more room and can hold more weight. Hence, it is called a heavy-duty chair. Likewise, it can hold 300 to 500 pounds. They are available with and without adjustments.

Did you know: The lower the beach chair, the more the stability. It also allows you more comfort for stretching your legs in the surf.

Beach chair with wheels

source pinterest.com

You could say it is like a wheelchair. Hence, it is exactly what it sounds like. It has large wheels at the rear end of the frame. Therefore, making it easy to move around without getting stuck in the sand. This chair has great durability. Also, it provides neck comfort.

Slingback chair

source trekbaron.com

It is a low-profile classic chair. Since it is just 4 inches above the sand, you can easily frolic in the waves or walk back for a snack. Likewise, it can fold up into a small package and is easy to carry around.

Therefore, it can fit in small spaces like the back of your car.  Mostly, sling-back beach chairs picture of storage pouch or a carry bag. Similarly, it has a padded shoulder strap to carry it around.

Air lounger beach chair

source trekbaron.com

This is a unique beach chair you will find. It can be used as a beach chair as well as a sleeping bean chair. This air lounger was featured in a BTS RUN episode. If you know, you know. Not only is it lightweight, but it is also easy to carry around.

Not to mention, this beach chair is an inflatable chair. All you have to do is open it, and the tube is self-inflating. So unplug it and run against the wind. However, it will stay up for 4 to 8 hrs. Therefore, you can use it for short trips to the beach. 

Recycled plastic chair

source granvillestone.com

The recycled beach chair is no different from a plastic lounge. However, it is budget-friendly and the most comfortable beach chair, among others.

Though, I wonder if you can carry it around. Maybe if you tie it to the hood of the car, you can. But I also feel no one would do clown stuff unless you compete with Mr. Bean.

Handheld beach chair

source ekbotefurniture.com

This might come as a surprise to you. It’s the new, coolest beach chair available in the market. It folds up to a small enough size to fit in your hand.

Although it isn’t heavy-duty, it might just be a flex to open this beach chair on the hot coasts. 

TIP: Choose a fold-able, light in weight beach chair that can fit in your beach carry bag like the one above.

Headrest beach chair

source walmart.com

We know about the high back beach chair from the previous point. In addition, the headrest is also for taller people. Not only is it high-backed, but it also has a headrest with a pillow attached to it.

Now isn’t it just taking comfort to a new level? Definitely yes. Therefore, this chair is very popular with those who spend hours and hours on the beach.

Beach chair with pockets

source cancer.org.in

This pocket beach chair is an all-time classic.  It is different from a beach chair with a cup holder as it does not feature the holders but has pockets on either side. But some models do offer the cup holder feature.

Just drop your sunglasses or hat into the pocket and enjoy the waves. Therefore, they are not a classic but a modern style of beach chairs. Although, it does offer airflow and durability.

Inflatable chair

source cn.djimart.com

This is a versatile design that enhances all the amazing places you want to go to. It features a neck pillow for maximum comfort. In addition, it is no different from the air lounger. On a positive note, it doesn’t require a pump to inflate it. As I said, it is similar to the air lounger. 

Tip: If there is sharp debris under the chair, it can deflate it. Therefore, place some papers under the chair to avoid deflating it.

Beach chair with cup holder

source pinterest.com

This chair has cup holders and drinks holders. Hence, you can place your beverage can or bottle in the holder instead of pressing it to the ground.

In addition to the cup holders, it is durable. It also has mesh fabric which allows airflow.  They may have pockets or may not depend on the make.

Double beach chair

source walmart.com

It is also called a love seat beach chair. It is a beach chair meant for two people. Therefore, it can hold more weight and is a high-quality, durable chair.

They are also available as folding chairs for easy traveling. There are different models which include canopy features and cup holders for extra convenience.

Ground mat beach chair

source lafsbc.org

This chair is a different type of beach chair though similar to a lounge chair. Although it does not have legs, it does have a backrest.

However, it is not suitable for those with leg and knee issues as it is low to the ground. Also, you can carry it anywhere as it is lightweight.


To conclude, I hope this article helped you find the ideal beach chair and made you aware of the different beach chairs. Also, if you do not want to purchase it, all’s good.

These chairs are available in rental small stores along the beach. So, you can now enjoy and relax at the beach without any difficulty.

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