List of 5 Advantages & Disadvantages of Rocking Chair Explained

Are you looking for a comfortable chair you can sink into after a long and tiring day? How about one that will help your little one sleep within minutes and is comfortable while breastfeeding or bottle-feeding your baby? 

Well, look no further. I know the answer to this -it is a rocking chair.

Once you hear rocking chair, you immediately conjure up two images. One is of a new mother softly singing to her newborn as she rocks him to sleep. The other is of a rocking chair and the elderly sitting on it on a front porch. 

Apart from rocking chairs becoming a popular kind of porch furniture by the late 18th century, the use of rocking chairs offers several benefits, such as improving balance and blood circulation and alleviating muscle tension, anxiety, stress, and even depression.  

After understanding the benefits, who wouldn’t want to get their hand on a rocking chair? Although, before buying one, it is essential to know in and out about these chairs’ disadvantages. 

Now, there is much discussion about rocking chairs’ advantages but not nearly as much about their disadvantages. So let’s discuss the rocking chair in detail.

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What Is A Rocking Chair?

A rocking chair, in simple words, is a chair with two curved wooden bands (called rockers) attached to each leg so that when you sit on it, you can rock back and forth. The rockers are only in contact with the floor at two points, making it possible to rock by shifting weight or lightly pushing with the feet.

Often you do not need a push from your feet because the chair naturally rocks once you sit on it till it reaches your center of gravity, creating a feeling of weightlessness. In this manner, the user is at an un-stressed position and angle, which provides ergonomic benefits. 

To enjoy the benefits of rocking chairs, a Florida craftsman recommends that the headrest comfortably fits your head. In addition, the chair should have a design that conforms to your body curves and allows you to put your feet flat on the ground, and your finger should wrap around the armrests comfortably. 

Besides the ergonomic benefits, rocking chairs become a beautiful and aesthetic addition to a baby room, a living room, or even a porch, balcony, patio, and deck (if weather resistant).  

Did you know?

The first bentwood rocking chair was created in 1860 by German craftsman Michael Thonet, a sleek and lightweight rocker crafted from curved and bent wood. 

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Even today, wooden rocking chairs and wicker ones are in demand. Furthermore, other popular modern chairs include glider rockers, spring rockers, recliner rockers, swivel rockers, and Adirondack rockers (outdoor rockers). Additionally, rocking chairs exist, particularly in their intended use, production, and layout. 

On one side, rocking chairs offer several advantages, but they will also come with some disadvantages on the other side, as with everything in life. 

Let’s dive into the article for details

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Advantages Of Rocking Chair

Rocking Chairs are a boon for pregnant women and elderly persons. However, it also helps you to relax after a tiresome day at the office. It makes you fall asleep easily. So let’s dig into its advantages first.

Relieves stress

One of the most crucial rocking chairs advantages is it relieves stress. It is where rocking chairs come into the picture since the calming oscillating motion of the chair helps release endorphins which results in reducing stress and improving mood. 

Helps treat insomnia

Adding rocking chairs to your home and regularly sitting in them (making them a part of your night routine) will benefit people suffering from insomnia. If you sit in a rocking chair after a weary and tiresome day, soon your body will relax and feel lethargic, making you fall asleep. 

Improves blood circulation, easing arthritis and backache 

Besides insomnia, arthritis and chronic back pain are other prevalent disorders nowadays. As the rocking motion helps circulate oxygen and blood to the joints, it can help ease arthritic pain. 

In the same way, back pain is unpleasant and painful, mainly when it is chronic. But, because the rocking action stimulates blood flow throughout the back, it is a natural solution to help relieve the symptoms of back pain. 

Speeds up post-surgery recovery

Another advantage of using a rocking chair is that it speeds up the recovery process after surgery. For people who have undergone surgery recently, since a rocking chair is a light form of exercise, these chairs help in fast recovery. 

A mild form of exercise helps in weight loss.

Yes, you read it correctly. You can burn calories just by using a rocking chair for an hour or more, becoming mild exercise. It proves healthy for individuals unable to exercise or perform little physical activity. 

Apart from all these advantages, the rocking chair also has something more to offer, such as:

  • Benefitting the breastfeeding mothers 
  • Calming the newborn babies
  • Providing emotional comfort
  • Offering extreme level relaxation

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5 Disadvantages of rocking chair

Now, let us closely look at the rocking chair disadvantages that will help you to understand the downside of rocking chairs, which you should be aware of before buying this chair. Some of them are: 

Hard and uncomfortable seat

The seat of the traditional rocking chair is frequently hard and flat, which can create discomfort. Over time, this may lead to pressure and pain in your back. Unlike traditional rocking chairs, modern chairs are available in a plethora of forms and designs. 

While some have built-in cushioning, suspension, and padding, which are far more comfortable, they are not necessarily healthier and beneficial for your back and coccyx. Some other styles have partial backs, which can be unpleasant and strain your back.

However, using pillows or cushions can lessen the discomfort.

Not so easy to store

Another disadvantage of buying a rocking chair is that the chairs are not easy to store. As we know, it is essential to store outdoor furniture securely and appropriately for the winter. If you keep them out from the wetness and below-freezing temperature, then the life of the chairs increases.

Given the size and weight of rocking chairs, it is true that they are challenging to store. On the contrary, regular garden chairs are easy to store and do not need huge spaces.

Unlike garden chairs, rocking chairs, however, this is impossible due to their distinctive shape. You must thus offer enough storage space throughout the winter. 

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Need enough space

This brings us to the following disadvantage. Rocking chairs are not only difficult to store but also require enough space. Actually, come to think of it, there exists no such thing as a small rocking chair. In fact, it is even bigger than garden chairs. In general, the size of rocking chairs is 37 to 45 inches tall, 26 to 30 inches wide, and 32 to 37 inches deep.

And hence, if you plan on buying a rocking chair, you need free space on your balcony, porch, garden, or living room for them to fit. Nevertheless, the free space should be big enough for the seat size, including enough space in front and behind. Additionally, there should be enough space for the chair to rock freely. 

Tip: Keep 2-3 feet of room around your rocking chairs on all sides so that your family may move about comfortably.

Therefore, clear up enough space for the chair to enjoy the benefits of rocking chairs. 

Risk of Injuries

It is sometimes possible for kids and even the elderly to suffer injuries from an unstable or incorrectly placed rocking chair. Rocking chairs are safe; however, if they get too close to curtains, blinds, heaters, electrical outlets, or appliances, serious injuries such as burns or strangulation may occur.

Additionally, falling from a rocker can result in major injuries for a baby. For example, a baby who just starts crawling can get hurt due to this rocking chair, and even older people. It is mainly the elderly who are at risk of falling from rocking chairs. The consequences of a fall can be serious for senior citizens.

Hence, it is crucial to place the rocking chair in a suitable location in the house to avoid such injuries.

Tip: You should not use rockers to carry around a baby or place them on high surfaces


Last but not least, cost becomes a disadvantage of rocking chairs. They are costlier than other chairs. However, the cost of a rocking chair is based on the design, shape, size, and material. 


It goes without saying that rocking chairs have a crucial role in our daily lives, especially for breastfeeding mothers, newborns, and the elderly. Furthermore, it will benefit your health and give you inner peace. 

But, yes, while the idea of a rocking chair might be pretty appealing, it does come with certain disadvantages. Hence, to enjoy it properly and gain health benefits, you need to consider the amount it costs, the space it takes up, and the surface area it takes up.

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