How to Clean Plastic Adirondack Chairs? [Stepwise Methods Explained]

Discover the various ways to maintain your Adirondack chairs! To keep your plastic patio furniture looking its best, take care of and clean them.

One thing is sure: an Adirondack chair is one of the best purchases you will ever make, no matter how you decide to use it. Like any good investment, you should take good care of it so you may enjoy it for many years—or perhaps a lifetime!

The global outdoor furniture market is projected to grow from USD 46.21 billion in 2021 to USD 66.55 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 5.3% in 2021-2028.

Well, let’s dive into the article to learn more about Adirondack Chairs.

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  • Key Takeaways

      • Plastic furniture is easy to clean and the best fit for your outdoor furniture.
      • Using mild soap or baking soda is the most convenient and easy maintenance for plastic Adirondack chairs.
      • Wooden Adirondack chairs are classy yet require high maintenance to refinish.
      • Pressure washers can be used to get rid of dust and grins from plastic Adirondack lawn chairs.

    Maintaining recycled Adirondack plastic chairs.

    Recycled plastic Adirondack chairs keep the traditional appearance of the wood chair design since they resemble natural lumber. 

    This choice requires the least cleaning; no staining, oiling, or painting is required. Each piece of this distinctive lumber has been coated with a color-stable UV pigment, so exposure to the sun’s rays or inclement weather won’t fade the color or diminish the tone.

    To prevent any unnecessary accumulation of dirt or grime on this patio furniture, we advise a quick wash-down with a cleaning solution every few weeks. To avoid soap mildew, make sure you properly rinse them with the hose afterward. 

    You can even use a power washer to clean plastic patio furniture.

    Recycled Adirondack Plastic Chair

    Step-by-step guide

    1. Dish soap liquid and warm water should be combined: To make froth for washing your plastic outdoor furniture, add a gallon of water to a bucket and three or four tablespoons of soap.
    1. With a sponge or rag, clean the plastic furniture: If dirt and leaves are caked on, you might need to scrub your plastic outdoor furniture for a few minutes.
    1. If the dirt doesn’t automatically come off the plastic patio chairs, give them a 10- to 15-minute soak.
    1. Clean up the chairs using a garden hose. To remove the soap and leftover dirt, spray down your plastic patio chairs. 
    1. If there is any residual dirt or stains, repeat as necessary. To clean tight spaces on your plastic furniture, use a light brush, such as a soft toothbrush with baking soda.
    1. The chairs should be dried by being turned upside down. You can use a fresh towel to dry your plastic patio chairs if you plan to use them right away. 

    Caution: As steel wool and other abrasives would quickly scratch up your plastic Adirondack chairs, avoid using them.

    Caring for wooden Adirondack chairs

    wooden adirondack chair

    Adirondack chairs made of wood should always be covered or stored (in a dry place) while not in use. This is the first step in protecting your chairs. 

    You will need to refinish many painted or stained wood Adirondack chairs from time to time. 

    Adirondack wooden chairs may be cleaned quickly and easily with a power washer. Alternatively, you might wash the chair with a light soap solution and some water. Remember to properly air dry the chair before using it or putting it away to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

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    Western red cedar material will remain in top condition with just a few hand washes in soapy water each season. However, we do not advise pressure washing these chairs because it could shatter the wood and cause damage.

    After a few years, if the wood grain starts to lift, you may easily sand the surface to restore its smoothness.

    IPE Brazilian Walnut

    For IPE outdoor furniture care, mild soap and a soft cloth are excellent. Finish it by giving it a good rinse in warm water to eliminate any possible soap residue.

    Applying paraffin-based oil or an IPE hardwood oil deck finish once a year will assist in safeguarding these Adirondack chairs from the environment and increase their tensile strength.

    Did you know?

    Ipe, commonly known as Brazilian walnut, is a stunning exotic South American wood spelled with an “ee-pay” sound. Teak lumber has been replaced with the more widely used and less priced Ipe wood lumber. 


    Without knowing how you intend to care for your pine Adirondack chair, it is difficult to propose a specific maintenance schedule, but the advice is to clean it down several times every season with soap and a rag to eliminate any dirt particles.

    Untreated chairs should also be wiped with a microfiber cloth to prevent any mold formation after warm water washing to ensure a thorough cleaning.

    Cleaning Adirondack plastic chairs with a pressure washer

    It takes a lot of time and effort to wash and scrub your hands.

    The advantage of a pressure washer is that it cleans quickly, efficiently, easily, and even enjoyably.


    • Keep your Adirondack chair on a flat surface.
    • Use a 25 or 40-degree nozzle to spray from your pressure washer.
    • Pressure wash it from top to bottom as you do it to your car.
    • Use a detergent and rinse if required.
    • Clear out all the dust at this low pressure.

    How Often Should You Pressure Clean Your Plastic Adirondack Patio Furniture?

    Every year at the start of spring. Depending on where you live and whether you leave your outdoor furniture outside throughout the year long, you’ll probably want to pressure clean them thoroughly at the same time as your initial mowing of the lawn. A good guess would be in April.

    Of course, since using a pressure cleaner to clean is so simple, you may clean them daily if you choose.

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    Which pressure would you use?

    Your best option is medium-duty electric power.

    The electric 1500-2,000 PSI pressure washer from Annovi Reverberi is the perfect pressure washer for cleaning your plastic furniture.

    plastic adirondack chair

    Fun Fact: How Adirondack chairs got their name?

    The modern form was named after the Adirondack mountain area in New York, probably because this chair style was popular among tuberculosis sufferers who moved to the mountains for clean air.

    Tips to Remove Mildew From Adirondack Plastic Adirondack Lawn Furniture

    Your outdoor purchases can last longer if you know how to remove mold from plastic Adirondack lawn furniture, giving you more time to unwind and enjoy them.

    It’s easy to regulate outdoor mold issues and solve the current challenges, from cleaning to prevention.

    Bathroom Cleaners

    Sprays for cleaning bathrooms are highly effective on patio furniture. Many can work just as effectively on plastics as they would on ceramic or metal and are made to remove mold. 

    • Clean the furniture with your cleaning solution.
    • Give it the suggested amount of time to sit.
    • Wash off using a garden hose.

    Lemon and Sunshine

    You may simply eliminate mildew using what you currently have if you lack the funds or time to invest in sophisticated cleaners.

    • Put whatever you have in the sunlight.
    • Squeeze some lemon juice or use baking soda into the plastic.
    • After letting it dry naturally in the sun, wash it with detergent and water.
    • Make sure to avoid leaving the furniture in the sunlight for too long.


    Your plastic lawn furniture can also be cleaned of mold by using concentrated bleach and water.

    • To a gallon of water, just add a small cup of bleach. If you do not prefer bleach, use baking soda instead.
    • Following thorough rinsing, completely dry with a towel.
    • Use protective gear, such as rubber gloves and goggles, when using chemicals like bleach.

    Pressure Washer

    Most patio furniture can be cleaned with a powerful pressure washer to at least remove surface mold. 

    • Connect the device.
    • To remove the mold, apply gentle, steady strokes.
    • Complete furniture drying


    Alcohol can be used to clean and sterilize as well.

    • To a piece of cloth, add some alcohol.
    • Use alcohol to thoroughly clean the mold.
    • Dry after rinsing.

    Magic Eraser

    A more modern device, like a Magic Eraser, will work, but since they are disposable, there are extra environmental problems.

    • Make the magic eraser wet.
    • Clean the outside furniture, paying close care to any mold.
    • Rinse well and dry.


    In addition, any outdoor space would benefit from adding Adirondack chairs. They are the ideal accent to any environment because they are sturdy, comfy, and timeless. You’ll have a lovely location to sit and enjoy your backyard, entertain guests, and unwind for years to come by using these recommendations to clean plastic patio furniture.

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