Ficmax Gaming Chair Review [Specs+Features]

Buying a gaming chair that will last for many years is essential but is often difficult to find without spending a lot of money. Unfortunately, most chairs within the affordable segment of the market do not last more than a year.

Providing users with a gaming chair that provides adequate support and ultimate comfort is of paramount importance. Many factors contribute to this.   

The purpose of this gaming chair review is to describe the characteristics that make this chair great, along with everything you need to know before you make your purchase.

Ficmax Gaming Chair Brand


The brand of gaming chairs produced by Ficmax is relatively new, but their products are top-rated. Ficmax chairs and gaming tables are affordable with high-end options. Designed with gamers in mind, the brand aims to ensure support and comfort.

The best affordable gaming chairs often have several problems, including design, quality, durability, etc. However, Ficmax chairs are remarkably decent in all these areas. It is worth investing in the design, features, and premium quality of materials. There is a lot more to this brand than the price.

Types of Ficmax Chair 

  • XJZ-010 – Ficmax Ergonomic Massage gaming chair (available in different colors)
  • Ficmax Gaming Chair with Footrest

Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair Features


Following is a list of the principal features that make the Ficmax a helpful chair for gamers.



We usually tend to look at the design of gaming chairs first, and if it does not spark joy, we don’t spend much time on it. However, Ficmax has carefully integrated all its features to create a “People’s Choice.” 

This gaming chair is designed specifically to outperform the existing competition on the marketand do you know? It works great! Ultimately, it succeeds. With its color design, it looks like a typical racing gaming chair, yet it is unbeatable. 

In addition, it has a very appealing appearance. This comfortable chair is unique among the rest because of its design and ergonomic features. The adjustable footrest eliminates the need for another stool to rest your feet.


There is a wide range of colors available in the market when it comes to Ficmax Gaming Chairs. Besides this, the most common color combination is blue, red, and purple. Ficmax dominates the market because of its color schemes with its high level of customer satisfaction.


The Ficmax gaming chair is upholstered with polyurethane leather. A sturdy and smooth material, PVC leather, is used to cover the seats. Furthermore, this PU leather has retained its color for years.

It is dirt and fade-resistant, so the color will stay true for a long time no matter how much the chair is used.  This chair is made with a high-density sponge that is incredibly soft and doesn’t deform with time. You can expect a higher level of comfort and durability with this product.

Reclining Ability


Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair may seem like an ordinary gaming chair, but the colorful lining on the backrest changes everything – they are truly stunning and give the chair a sexy feel.  You can adjust the tilt, rotation, or spin as you like.

It features a backrest of 32.7 inches, along with pillows for lumbar massage and head massage. Furthermore, it can recline from 90° to 180° with ultimate comfort. You can also use it as an office chair for its comfort and can be used for long periods. Aside from that, you can adjust the height of the chair also based on your height.  

Ergonomic Features of Ficmax Chair

Let’s check out the ergonomic features of the Ficmax chair:

Massage Lumbar support


The benefit of this lumbar support is it will keep you active while reducing your stress levels. In addition, it has a lumbar pillow which contributes significantly to comfort. As a result, it has high conformity and maintains the spine’s natural curve to increase the user’s comfort.

The pressure from the lower back can thus be relieved, preventing or alleviating back pain.

Hence, it provides the support and comfort needed for extended gaming sessions. An integrated massage function enables the USB-powered lumbar pillow to improve comfort and relaxation. However, the massage does more than merely vibrate; it provides tangible comfort.

Are you exhausted from work or streaming? That’s okay. 

The chair has a USB port connected to your system, which powers the vibrating lumbar cushion.   

Just connect the USB cable to the power socket to enjoy a peaceful massage.



In addition to having clean lines, the Ficmax gaming chair exemplifies the typical racing-style gaming chair. Despite first glance, this gaming chair indeed looks amazing. To point out, it’s not uncommon for gaming chairs to have crazy lines, crazy colors, and peculiar features. By using a professional framework, the product demonstrates a high value in the marketplace.

The base of the frame has a maximum level of protection and is equipped with strong casters. Its framework proves that the chair is entirely safe. It uses gas springs for height adjustment that are reliable and safe.

Furthermore, where necessary, the chair uses an integrated metal framework. Despite its lightweight, it can lift 300 pounds easily.


There are two cushion pads made of PVC leather: a lumbar cushion and a headrest cushion. 



Additionally, the footrest can be adjusted to 180 degrees for better use. Playing a game can be exhausting, but you won’t have to move to your bed to take a break. Simply move the chair 180 degrees, open the footrest, and you’re set.

Among the best things about this gaming system is the recline. It elevates your leg to the same level as your heart, producing an ethereal cloud-like feeling that is deeply comforting.

As an added comfort feature, the design includes a well-padded and retractable footrest for bolstering the leg. This is one of the best gaming chairs with an adjustable footrest. Many chairs do not come with this feature, so the customers have to use an extra stool as a footrest or make do with the features already present. The footrest can be neatly tucked beneath the seat when it is not in use.


Additionally, having a full-size seat means you’ll have spacious and well-padded armrests that are curved to let your forearms fit comfortably. Hence, computer gaming chairs like this one feature thicker armrests that adjust in height for greater comfort.

However, the Ficmax company has guaranteed that armrests are included in all their products.  In the Ficmax Gaming Chair, the armrests can be adjusted up and down according to the user’s needs. The thick armrests are comfortable and provide ease and relaxation.

However, the only exception is that it cannot be adjusted to the left or the right.


The headrest can be adjusted to your comfort in this gaming chair. In addition, there is a PVC Leather cushion to ensure that your head and neck are properly supported. Therefore, this is the best chair to support your neck and shoulders, keeping it pain-free.

However, users of different heights may have problems with fixed head pillows.  

As a result, this feature enhances the Ficmax High-Back Gaming Chair rating and distinguishes it from the competition.

Casters or swivel chair base

Robust nylon casters are used in this gaming chair. The casters are so smooth and tested a thousand times for their durability. The quality material of these casters prevents them from scratching the floor.

This chair has a 360 degrees swivel mechanism. Therefore, it allows you different movements.


To be durable, a chair should have all the qualities of reliability. Despite its black and purple color scheme, the chair boasts a stylish design.

With the use of a high-quality sponge, you will feel completely relaxed and comfortable. With its outer finishing provided by PU leather, the equipment is waterproof, does not fade, and is very easy to maintain.

Warranty and Customer Service

Ficmax Gaming Chairs come with a 1-year limited warranty. You can subscribe to Ficmax and mail them at [email protected] and enjoy one year extended warranty for free. Alternatively, you can purchase a three or five-year protection plan if you purchase from Amazon.

Additionally, Amazon also offers 2-7 days standard shipping along with 30 days of free returns & money-back customer service.

Ficmax Gaming Chair Specifications and Measurements

Weight capacity250 Pounds
Dimensions33.8 x 12.6 x 25.2 Inches
Ficmax Chair weight51 Pounds

What Makes Ficmax’s Chair Different from Top-Notch Chairs?

To put the record straight, this discussion is necessary to highlight Ficmax Gaming’s superior performance compared with the expensive options. Computer gaming chairs with the latest features are designed to be super comfortable and extremely functional. Therefore, they feature great designs and are brimming with amazing features.

Check out our Shroud Chair or TimTheTatman chair (detailed specs) if you wish to go for a high-end gaming chair. Unlike high-end gaming chairs, the Ficmax gaming chair has all the basic features that anyone can use to enjoy a great gaming experience, whether they’re just getting started or are pro.

Moreover, even though the chair may not have the padding of high-end computer gaming chairs, it is well-padded enough to provide adequate support for long gaming sessions. Material-wise, the materials of this gaming chair (such as the padding to the sides) are of decent quality, so you will be able to enjoy it for several years. Thus, judging by its price, it is competitive with high-end gaming chairs.

Is the Ficmax Chair Worth the Money? Coustomer Feedback

Yes. It is worth the money.

After a discussion with some of the Ficmax Gaming Chair users, I concluded with some of the attributes they liked in the chair below:

  • Due to the chairs high-quality and top-rated design, this chair is considered one of the best chairs that provide the best gaming comfort. 
  •  Its electric massage and reclining function of 90 to 180 degrees, and the well-padded thick pad setting are what most customers draw them to.   
  • The adjustable armrests and height offer a comfortable gaming zone.  For those who enjoy long gaming sessions, it is a great choice.   
  • The PU leather is dirt-resistant.  

Where Can You Buy a Ficmax Chair?

Ficmax Chair is available on their official site, Amazon and Walmart. Ficmax’s official site offers free shipping within the United States and Cannada, and they estimate that their products arrive within three to five business days.  

Alternatives for Ficmax chair

If you are looking for alternatives with similar benefits, check out the table below:

source, (L to R: Rimiking gaming chair, Arozzi Vernazza)
source (L to R: DXRacer gaming chair, GTRacing chair, RESPAWN gaming chair)
ChairRimiking ergonomic Arozzi Vernazza DXRacerGT RACINGRESPAWN 110
FeaturesTilt lock, Lumbar support, Swivel mechanism3D armrests, Lumbar support, Premium casters3D armrest, Anti-collapse foam, Eco friendly5 point casters, Swivel mechanism, Lumbar support2D armrests,Tilt mechanism,Lumbar support
Weight Capacity250 lbs320lbs200lbs300lbs275lbs
Cost$199$359$ 299$89-$159$199

Ficmax Chair Assembly

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