Gaming Chair vs. Office Chair: Which One Should You Buy?

Gaming chairs are raging in popularity among all age groups. However, now that most of us are working from home, what chair should you actually buy? Should you purchase a simple office chair? Is the gaming chairs feature really worth it? All these questions might be plaguing you at the moment. So let’s start with Gaming Chair vs. Office Chair.

Buyers have to consider many factors before choosing between gaming chairs and office chairs. Each come with their own pros and cons that need to be carefully looked into. 

This blog will help you decide which chair design is the best fit for your home office or den. However, before getting into comparisons on Gaming Chair vs. Office Chair, let us look at what these two chairs are. 

What is a gaming chair? 

Gaming chairs are developed similarly to racecar seats inspired by racing motorsports. They have a rounded bucket seat, a tall backrest recline, and a thick, padded structure overall.

Such chairs have a lot of adjustable functions, be it backrest, arms, or height. They are constantly improved upon to bring the utmost comfort to users. Secretlab Titan is probably the most revered gaming chairs maker in the entire world. PewDiePie chairs turn to be the most hyped chairs all over the world.

What is an office chair? 

Office chairs are basic seats that are mostly used in office environments. They have fixed features in their structure and allow users to adjust the seat height. Large corporates use such chairs as they are cost-effective, especially when bought in bulk. 

Gaming chair vs. office chair: Comparisons 

Now that we know all the basics, let us look at each characteristic of office chairs and gaming chairs. Bear in mind, however, that each individual’s need is different. So, be sure to weigh out each pro and con according to what you need. Here we go with descriptive infographics to visualize gaming chairs vs. office chairs.

Overall Appearance 

The appearance aspect of gaming chairs and office chairs is quite easy to differentiate. Office chairs are subtle, unassuming, and simple in every way. 

Since they will probably come of use in a work environment, they are made to look very plain and alike to all other office chairs. In addition to this, a standard office chair comes in monochrome black or grey colors. 

Gaming chairs, on the other hand, are made to catch everyone’s eye. Therefore, they are bold and voluminous in their appearance and come in many colors.


The bucket seat is very distinct in a gaming chair. It has a rounded look that looks like a racecar seat. The seat also has a leather-like look. 

A traditional office chair is cushioned but not rounded. It is usually flat and is made of synthetic material.


The lumbar is a region in the lower back that is most affected by prolonged periods of sitting. Most gaming chairs come with lumbar support, i.e., a pillow that supports the lumbar region for long hour sitting. 

Gaming Chair Supports healthy posture For Long Hours Sitting.


On the contrary, office chairs visibly do not have this feature. Many of them are empty in this region or contain the same structure that supports the entire back.


Gaming chairs are usually made of PU leather. It is a synthetic material that is not actually pure leather but has all its characteristics. This material gives a racing-style gaming chair a distinct look. After all, you can acquire more information from that explains beautifully about PU leather.


Office chairs are also made of several synthetic fabrics, with faux leather being one of them. However, many of them come with nylon and acrylic as they are durable and easy to clean. In addition to this, office chairs can be easily reupholstered, which is a cost-effective solution for companies. 


Although there is no visible difference in the armrests of both gaming and office chairs, the former has armrests that are usually detached from the back of this desk chair. On the other hand, standard office chairs come with armrests that emerge from the backrest.


Both chairs have the basic rotating function that we all enjoy. However, a gaming chair’s base is made out of heavy-duty material that does not weaken due to the weight of its user. On the other hand, an office chair’s base is more fragile and weary. 


Comfort is one of the most important components to consider while purchasing such a desk chair. After all, you will probably spend multiple hours at a stretch on your chair. In fact, a study says that workers spend 75% of their working hours sitting down. Hence, it is extremely vital to be cozy while doing so. 

There is no doubt that standard office chairs can only support you for a short period of time. The design does not come with lumbar support for your neck or your high back. Very often, you might find yourself slouching while sitting on a regular office chair.  However, one study says office chairs cause discomfort in their users and have long-term consequences on their posture and spinal compression. In addition to this, they felt more tired and burnt out due to insufficient blood supply caused by these chairs.

On the other hand, gaming chairs are easier on the user’s body and come with an ergonomic design. Firstly, gaming chairs come in multiple sizes to fit every user. Secondly, the seats are padded with a thick material, which cushions the back, neck, arms, and glutes of users. Lastly, it comes with adjustable lumbar support that avoids back pain and helps gamers playing video games for hours at a time.

Eventually, the back of a gaming chair mirrors the spinal structure of humans, which means that each body part is held upright in its natural position. So, a gaming chair promotes the user’s healthy posture while providing comfort to the activated parts of the body. 

However, a gaming chair might take some time to adjust if you have only ever used an office chair. 


Ergonomics refers to the adaptability or adjustability of machines. It is a discipline that looks at human-machine interactions and improves them to their own advantage. In this context, we will analyze how users can adjust both chairs for their benefit. 


A standard office chair has fixed armrests and has loads of implications. It has been ergonomically designed arms that are used to distribute the overall weight of a human body. Several studies point out that office chairs fail to distribute weight on the arms equally due to their rigid structure. 

Gaming ergonomic chair is more interactive in their arm ergonomics. For example, users can get adjustable armrests, i.e., often adjust armrests’ height to support the weight that falls on the spines. 


An office chair does not really give you a lot of options with your back. You can either lean front, lean against the backrest, or headrest and slouch. 

Gaming chairs, however, have high-end ergonomic features. You can easily adjust your back and neck pillows to suit your comfort. As mentioned before, gaming chairs support the natural structure of our spine and uphold a healthy sitting posture. 

The best feature of most racing-style gaming chairs is their reclining ability up to 180 degrees. Users can tilt the back as per their requirements. This helps them look at their screen better and improves blood circulation. In addition, as this study points out, altering your sitting position can provide more vital nutrients to your spinal cord.


Although not all racing-style gaming chair comes with this feature, several high-quality ones provide users with a seat tilting function. This helps users reduce the pressure put on their back and improve blood circulation in their bodies. Unfortunately, ergonomic office chairs do not come with this feature. 


The office chair does not have any add-on or customizations. However, as mentioned before, users can reupholster their office chairs easily. Also, users can add arm cushions, footrests, and neck cushions if required. 

Many gaming chairs come with the option of footrests and extra cushions. However, the same customizations can be made for both chairs. In addition to this, several brands also provide massaging features with gaming chairs. 


Office chairs are extremely cost-effective. This is why they are bought in bulk for workplaces. A standard office chair can set you back around $100. According to this article, an office chair used 40 hours per week can last up to seven years. 

There is no denying that gaming chair is expensive. It cost anywhere between $300 and $500. A gaming chair can last around two to five years. However, a gaming chair has longer warranty periods due to its cost. 


Before we conclude, have a look at the following video for better insight on office chair vs. gaming chair :

  • If you are looking for a cost-effective chair that provides basic functions, an office chair is the best fit. Such chairs can fit into small offices and are easily customizable. It might work out well for you if you plan on working in an office chair for short periods of time. 
  • However, a gaming chair has a lot of pros when compared to office chairs. It is healthy for the user’s body over long periods of time. Apart from providing comfort and adjustability, it also offers more value for money. Hence, in terms of overall pros, gaming chairs get the trophy in this competition.


All workers have different visions of their workspace. For example, while gaming chairs are healthier and more mindful of the human body, not everyone wants to invest in one. 

Fret not, because there are several advancements in standard office chairs that make them comfortable for users. In addition, you can find several ergonomic chairs that are a combination of comfort and cost.

Prioritize your comfort while looking for a chair. Then, weigh out the above-mentioned advantages and disadvantages to successfully find the perfect chair for your home office.

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