How To Get Insurance To Pay For A Massage Chair? [Explained In Detail]

Are you a person, who experiences regular aches and pains, and who has a massage chair to ease that pain? If yes, I can say that the thought of having insurance pay for a new massage chair has struck your mind. In fact, it is a frequent concern by massage chair owners. 

According to Forbes Health, there is no insurance coverage for massage chairs. Further, it states that insurance usually covers prescription-only items. Sadly, massage chairs do not require a prescription, so insurance reimbursement is unlikely.   

So, does this mean you cannot cover your massage chair under insurance? Well, not exactly. Even so, there is not a definitive answer to the question since insurance can cover massage chairs, but only some people qualify for this coverage.

Now, you might wonder who these people are and how to be one of these people to get this benefit. 

To answer your questions and get your massage chairs paid for by insurance, I have some things you can do that might help. Continue reading to find out! 

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Key Takeaway

  • Insurance paying for your massage chairs seems like a far-fetched idea. Although, it is not impossible. 
  • Massage chairs are not exactly a medical expense unless prescribed by your doctor as a part of your treatment. 
  • To have the upper hand, ask your doctor to give you a prescription you massage therapy.
  • In addition, have an HSA or FSA to buy a massage chair. 

Why Should Insurance Pay For Massage Chairs?

Before the actual discussion, you need to know whether a massage chair qualifies as a medical expense and why people ask insurance to pay for them. Because if it is not a medical expense, insurance most likely might NOT pay for massage chairs. 

Note: The reality is that some insurance companies do not cover massage even with the doctor’s prescription. In that case, your massage chair will not be eligible for the insurance claim.

As The News Indian Express rightly says that it’s no secret that massage chairs are one of the most popular innovations. And the subtle vibrations of the massage chair soothe your stressed muscles and reduce the pain. Plus, when the body is under stress, it secretes cortisol, resulting in headaches and muscle tension.

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Naturally, you would not want to give up your massage chair. Here, insurance comes into the picture since investing in a massage chair is a big commitment that requires a lot of planning. 

For example, an average massage chair costs around $500-$800, including offers and discounts. If you decide to purchase an advanced model, it might cost you between $1000 to $10,000, which is a hefty investment. 

Hence, the thought of wanting your health insurance to pay for your massage chair is not wrong. As I said above, only some people can claim their chairs under insurance. Let us elaborate on that further. To qualify among these people, you must meet two conditions.

  1. Medical history of back pain,
  2. A Health Savings Account (HSA), or
  3. A Flexible Spending Account (FSA). 

Yet, paying for your massage chair using health insurance can be tricky because only under specific benefit policies will the insurance company pay for it. You may need approval from your health insurance provider because of how strict the market has become about what is covered and what isn’t.

Massage chairs often have an additional cost not covered by health insurance. However, you can offset this cost in other ways.

Note: You will have to pay for massage chairs before your insurance company reimburses you.

To get your massage chairs paid for by your insurance company, let’s look at a few things. 

Steps For Getting Massage Chair Insurance


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First things first, while planning to buy a massage chair and wishing your insurance company to pay for it, there are things you need to do before buying it. What are those?

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Before Getting yourself a massage chair, you should

Several insurance plans offer partial coverage for massage chairs, so let’s explore how that works. One should follow the things discussed below before buying a massage chair. 

Research Thoroughly

Thorough research will give you an upper hand while claiming insurance money. For this, ensure you that therapeutic massage therapy is a possibility for treating your specific illness and pains. 

Research tells you that if a massage chair is solely for house enhancement, insurance will never pay for it. However, if you suffer from chronic back pain and have a therapeutic massage prescribed for your treatment, you are eligible for an insurance claim. 

Understand insurance plans

An extension of research is reading insurance plans. You must understand the insurance policy carefully and confirm that it includes a massage clause. It is essential since insurance companies are strict about what they cover. 

Yes, massage chairs are therapeutic, but they are not often used medically unless doctor-prescribed. In addition, they are primarily used for pain management and post-injury recovery and are not vital for everyday activities. A prescription stating that you are at risk if you do not use a massage chair from your doctor can make way for the insurance claim.

Tip: While each company has different insurance plans, which are flexible, ensure that the agreement you have with the company includes the allowable clauses.

Talk to your doctor

Your insurance company will insure your massage chair with a prescription from your doctor, as I previously mentioned. When you speak with your doctor, convince them to give you a prescription stating the need for a personal massage chair for home therapy sessions. 

Most of the time, massage acts as a great alternative to painkillers and medications. For convincing, you may have to provide proof (case studies or articles) stating massage chair advantages. 

Tip: Watch out for the ‘general massage chair therapy’ and ‘wellness spa suggestions’ since they will not ensure your insurance claim. Only ‘personal massage chair therapy’ being a part of your treatment will. 

Now, you are prepared to let the insurance company pay for a massage chair. Although, let us explore the HSA and FSA part of the process. Among all the plans, these two are the standard plans which help you pay for your chair with the help of insurance. 

Does HSA Cover The Cost Of The Massage Chair?

The health savings account is an independent medical insurance plan. Basically, this plan provides you with an account for depositing earnings before tax. An HSA, including FSA, permits you to spend your money however you like as long as it is for medical expenses.

You can easily accumulate enough money each year to cover the cost of a massage chair as a policyholder by rolling over your HSA savings. As a result, the policyholder and insurance company will benefit from significant savings, approximately 30%, due to tax benefits. 

It offers comparatively low prices for massage therapy since the chair offers massages throughout the year. Hence, you should contact your company and confirm whether a massage chair is eligible under your HSA. 

Massage therapy and massage chairs do not fall under permitted charges. However, they also do not appear on the list of excluded expenses. 

So, after your insurance company gives you the all-clear signal, use your HSA-provided debit card to get yourself a massage chair.  

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Does FSA Cover The Cost Of The Massage Chair? 

Unlike HSAs, FSAs are in addition to a standard health insurance plan. Often, workplaces offer their employees this plan. As the name suggests, the insurance plan is flexible and helps you buy your massage chair using less effort. 

Employee insurance policies can cover massage chairs under Section 125 of the IRS code and its Cafeteria Plan provision. The company is exempt from payroll taxes, which results in significant payroll tax savings. 

Before the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, you could not carry over FSA savings, but now, you can carry $500 to the next year without losing cash. Check with your insurance company if your FSA funds can be used to purchase a massage chair.

There is no list of excluded items from flexible spending account funds, including massage, massage therapy, or massage chairs. So, if you require massage therapy for medical reasons, you have a chance of being approved. Upon approval, you will receive a form to complete, or you can purchase the chair using an FSA debit card (or a Flex Card).

Checklist for having the insurance company pay for a massage chair

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Now, you have everything you need to claim insurance money for your massage chair. I have created a checklist for you. It will ensure you do not forget anything before getting your insurance company to pay for your massage chair. I hope you find it helpful. 

  • Perform research. 
  • Choose the correct insurance plan.
  • Read the insurance plan to confirm that it covers massage chairs, including the massage clause. 
  • Carry your doctor’s prescription stating that you need a massage chair for your treatment.
  • Either open an HSA or FSA, which includes a massage chair under medical expense.
  • Carry all the insurance and massage chair documents while you go to the insurance company. 
  • Make sure that your massage chair is in good health.

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Final thoughts

Finding out if your medical insurance will cover your massage chair or massage therapy visits can be complex. Health insurance companies generally cover only part of these expenses.

In any case, it is always advisable to contact your insurance company in order to obtain detailed information regarding your plan. Although health insurance and health coverage do not explicitly cover massage chairs, they are not completely excluded either. 

So, before going to the insurance company, get your doctor to give a prescription stating that massages are a part of your illness treatment. Next, contact your insurance company and ask them to cover the cost of a massage chair. On approval, use your HSA- or FSA-debit card to buy yourself a massage chair. 

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