How to raise an office chair without a lever?

Innovation has shown its approval in each fragment of life, and the chair industry isn’t an exemption by any stretch of the imagination. With furniture accompanying truly pondering mechanical progressions, chairs come with greatly improved highlights to convey you the essential solace. Actually like, the gas cylinder mechanism loans your quick hands for height adjustment. In a real sense, you easily do it like a flash. 

However, shouldn’t something be said about those seats that are unblessed with such features? How to raise office chairs without lever mechanism, then, at that point? 

Keep this matter to the side briefly. Are such chairs still genuine? Indeed, numerous retro office chairs represent a manual revolving method to change the height. All things considered, in such a case, how would you do that? We will talk about this theme for simple height adjustment.

How to raise an office chair without a lever?

With regards to an office chair, it shows up in various shapes and sizes that suit each individual. Individuals use them for gaming purposes, for executives, or office workers. While you can generally track down the ideal office chair for your utilization, adjustments are pivotal for it. 

Individuals sit for extended periods in an office chair. In this way, it ought to be in the most comforting position. Height change is a critical factor to upgrade solace. Modern office chairs come with a lever to change the height. In any case, there are as yet numerous older office chairs without a lever. 

After changing an office chair without a lever is extraordinary. Along these lines, in this article, we will gain proficiency for certain simple strides to permit you to change your office chair. Of course, the better you change it, the more comfortable you will sit on your chair. But, first, let’s dive into the article further on how different types of chair works without lever. Types of the chair include:

  • Pneumatic office chair
  • Non-pneumatic office chair
  • Non-adjustable chair

Pneumatic office chair

The pneumatic chair utilizes a solitary acting chamber or gas (air) spring-loaded up with air. The air chamber is associated with a plunger or piston that moves into or out of the chamber when enacted with the lever mechanism. The plunger and further compressed move the air. Releasing the piston grows the air.

Step 1: Lever adjustment

Pull the lever up and lift the body out of the chair to raise the seat. To lower the seat, stay seated and pull the lever up. Lean back to the ideal halting position and push down on the lever to activate the backstop. Pull up on the lever to deliver the backstop.

Step 2: Lever replacement

The levers are a very common standard height and adjustment range for average office chairs. It is indispensable to replace old or worn-out gas lift cylinders on chairs in otherwise good condition. Always remove gas lift cylinders with care and never heat or puncture.

Non-pneumatic office chair

In many business workplaces and home workplaces, the chairs you see have pneumatic lifts that make it extremely simple to change the height. In any case, office chairs weren’t constantly made with pneumatic lifts. 

Non-pneumatic office chair


Once upon a time, they must be manually adjusted. On the off chance that you can’t discover the height adjustment lever on your office chair, there’s an opportunity of a lifetime for you to have one of these older office seats. 

So how would you adjust the height of the chair? 

How about we discover!

Step 1: Choose the correct height

Deciding the best height for your chair is a basic factor before making any adjustments. Remember that the best height will, in general, vary for each individual. 

Getting the best heights for your chair will rely upon the office layout and table height, in addition to other things. Therefore, these are essential elements to consider before making any adjustments. 

In the first place, change the chair as indicated by your workstation. Some table settings have keyboards and other stuff nearer to the chair, while others are somewhat far away. 

Second, ensure your feet sit solidly on the floor. The legs ought to be 90° degrees and the thighs horizontal to enhance comfort.

Lastly, decide the best height adjustment then; at that point, mark it before standing. The mark will assist with making an adjustment that suits your requirements.

Step 2: Clockwise and anticlockwise movement

Most chairs that don’t accompany a lever may offer these kinds of clock movements. In addition, you can move your chair in any direction to change its height.

Step 2.1: Get up

Since your office chair doesn’t have a pneumatic lever, you can’t change your chair’s height while sitting. So, all things being equal, you need to stand up before you change your chair height.

Step 2.2: Adjust manually

After standing up, you can now physically adjust your chair by turning it clockwise or counterclockwise. By and large, you utilize the previous to raise the chair while you utilize the last to bring down it. Notwithstanding, it contrasts starting with one chair type then onto the next, so you need to see which one is for descending and which one is for raising.

Step 2.3: Check the height

After adjusting the height, test the seat height if it is ideal for you and your work environment.

Step 2.3: Check the height

If the seat isn’t amazing after adjusting it once, attempt the means again until you sit serenely.

Step 3: Under-chair bolt adjustment

Some chair models have bolts rather than pneumatic levers; generally, they are more older models. Adjusting such chair types includes winding a large bolt at the lower part of the chair. The means for that are listed underneath: 

Step 3.1: Get up

Like with the primary strategy, the absence of a pneumatic lever implies you can’t adjust the height of your seat while sitting on the chair. So, all things considered, you need to stand up, particularly since you need to turn a bolt under your chair to transform it. 

Step 3.2: Turn the bolt up

Turn the bolt under the seat and see which turn (clockwise or counterclockwise) the chair brings down and raises. You can quit turning the bolt after you’ve arrived at a seat height that looks ideal for you. 

Step 3.3: Gauge the seat height

To make certain of the suitability of the seat’s height, sit on the chair. Check whether your feet can contact the floor serenely and that your thighs are horizontal. 

Step 3.4: Adjust as needed

If you are sitting awkwardly, that is, if your feet can’t arrive at the floor. Then, at that point, you need to adjust the chair once more, gauge the chair height by sitting, and change again on a case-by-case basis.

Step 4: Back height movement

Most present-day office chairs will in general permit users to change their back and arm height. The point is to get the best sitting position that is very comfortable. Be that as it may, this relies upon the form of your seat.

In general, a few chairs will have restricted alternatives, while others have completely adjustable choices for changing the back height. Some office chair backrests will permit forward and reverse movement in general, while others will permit all-over movement. Some chair variants permit lean-back change; the choices help adjust the back to a more open sitting position that meets your needs.

Then again, the armrest will assist with holding the arms and elbows easily. The plan helps to guarantee you work steadily without encountering arm exhaustion. Notwithstanding, the adjustment of the backrest and armrest will rely upon individual inclinations and substantial requirements. Thusly, consider an alternative that turns out best for you.

Non-adjustable chair

Imagine a scenario in which the chair you have can’t be raised or brought down by design… 

… yet you truly need to adjust the height to coordinate with your desk? 

This is a call to work up your expressive energies! 

We’re presently going to impart to you a couple of tricks you can follow to fix the height issue on your office chair without lever and adjustability.

Non-adjustable office chair


Seat cushions

If your office chair needs height, perhaps the least demanding approach to get some rise is by utilizing seat cushions. You can utilize anything from an arbitrary throw pillow lying on your couch to an extravagant rich foam cushion with anti-skid pads while adjusting the height.

What is important is that you get the best seat height with your seat cushion. We suggest this seat cushion from Aylio. It’s anything but an orthopedic memory foam cushion that will add height to your seat and help forestall tailbone torment. 

Besides, it has anti-skid pads like the extravagant rich foam cushion we referenced!

Raising the height with wood pieces

In the event that you need to raise the chair a couple of inches, you can do it’s anything but a wooden piece between the seat and the lower part of the chair. In any case, to do as such, it is vital to utilize long screws or nuts. Utilize a drill to make a midway opening in a 2×2 inch wooden piece.

It will assist with going the screws through. You need to set up these lush pieces following the number of screws.

For example, if there are four screws, make four of these. Presently, connect the seat with the base piece of the chair while setting these wooden pieces in the middle of the seat and the lower part. You will feel that the chair is raised to the necessary tallness.

Desk elevation blocks

Imagine a scenario where your concern is that you need to lower the seat to coordinate with your desk. To save you from trimming up your office chair, you can buy desk elevation blocks instead. These blocks will raise the height of your desk so it will coordinate with the height of your office chair. 

What we suggest are these anti-slip elevation blocks from Utopia Bedding

They are produced using durable plastic and can be piled up for additional height. 

Make a point to check the size and the height of these blocks before you make a buy. You would prefer not to end up with something excessively tall or concise.

Why do we have to raise the seat?

Keeping the office chair higher according to your height, in general, accompany numerous advantages—initial, an appropriate size assists upgrade with ameliorating and persistence while working. Second, it’s anything but a healthy sitting posture for your back and neck.

Subsequently, help to limit the actual throbbing painfulness related to awful sitting postures. Lastly, an executive seat with legitimate height helps increment workers’ usefulness since they can work for more expanded periods with insignificant weakness experience.

A comfortable position

If the chair is more limited than the table’s height, or the individual is shortly heightened, then, at that point, you may have to raise the chair to carry it’s anything but a comfortable position. 

To avoid back/neck pain

Other than that, if you will continue to sit on a short elevated chair, you may get back pain, your posture will be affected, you may need to incline toward the table, and numerous different issues could emerge. As in, musculoskeletal symptoms are common among people sitting in a wrong sitting posture for long hours. Research says a proper sitting posture and correct chair height can lower the risk of musculoskeletal disorder.

Good posture

So it’s smarter to adjust the height instead of getting neck or back pain alongside terrible posture. Since you invest the vast majority of your time in the office, sitting on that chair.

How to determine a good chair height?

To start with, you would have to quantify the accompanying: 

  • Your height
  • Seat height(using different kinds of shoes)
  • Backrest height
  • Seat depth
  • Armrest height
  • Seat width

Then, at that point, mull over your desk’s height or your workspace all in all. You likewise need to consider what sort of office chair you are utilizing if they have pneumatic levers. 

It is simpler to work with pneumatic levers. Be that as it may, more older chair models additionally have their appeal.


Although changing the situation of an old office chair isn’t that straightforward of another model, it’s anything but unimaginable. Changing it to the right height is considered a greatly improved choice than suffering back pain and stance issues. 

Since you have figured out how to raise an office chair without a lever, you will discover it somewhat easy to do as such. Raise it to the right height and appreciate an open to sitting position that allows you to focus on your work without continually stressing over your back.

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