How To Remove The Office Chair Base? [3 Best Methods+6 Tips]

Are you facing trouble disassembling your office chair, especially the office chair base? Well, removing other parts might seem easy since they only need unscrewing. The real struggle comes when removing the base or the gas cylinder spindle from the rolling office chairs. We get it. And here onwards we got you. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic or before, you would go to your office and sit in that office-provided chairs working all day long. Office chairs designed for the workplace are easy to operate and comfortable for long periods of sitting. And if you spend your maximum time sitting in front of your devices, you need to get the best office chair to keep you comfortable throughout the day. 

You might wonder what it means for an office chair to be comfortable. It means chairs must possess a height-adjustable mechanism, including swiveling mobility for increased comfort and productivity. 

Now that we use the chair regularly, it undergoes wear and tears every day. Hence, it is advisable to disassemble the chair once in a while and install new parts for parts that require replacements. Time and again, the office base requires attention, cleaning, and replacements. 

Fortunately, it is easy to remove and replace the base of an office chair at your home without using loads of tools. In this article, let me tell me how to remove the office chair base using three simple methods at home. 

Office chair base: Explained

Furniture is any product that involves craft, innovation, and design to facilitate work and home activities. Every product is designed to meet the user’s needs and fulfill the functions of the work performed.

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An office chair is one such product. As far as office chairs are concerned, there are four essential parts of the chair. Those are:

  • Seat 
  • Back 
  • Arm 
  • Base 

The amalgamation of these four parts transforms a standard, regular chair into a rolling office chair, which provides maximum user comfort and productivity. In this article, we will primarily focus on the base of an office chair. 

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Now, when it comes to chair bases, they are available in different materials, including different finishes, to name a few materials -plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, and wood. Plus, the modern office chair base is a star (or 5-star) swivel available in materials like nylon and metal. 

While we have options in chair base materials, we also get to see different types of office chair bases in the market. Let us briefly go through these types to give you an insight into the chair bases. In addition, with this, you can determine which base type your office chair possess.  

Stainless steel base 

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We often see stainless steel bases on ergonomic office chairs. They are strong, durable, and can be painted or chromed to fit your aesthetic needs. The most popular chair bases are those made from chrome steel since they are easy to clean and do not leave marks behind.

Chrome base 


Chrome bases often come in two kinds: metal and revolving. The revolving chrome base is suitable for rolling chairs to get swift, smooth movement. On the other hand, the metal chrome base built with good-quality raw materials is comparatively durable and sturdy. 

Aluminum base

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Aluminum office chair bases, along with anti-topple, provide maximum comfort. Plus, aluminum is a sturdy, durable, easy to clean, and lightweight material. Since aluminum as a metal is lighter than stainless steel, the chair has a more mobile profile.

Nylon base

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Nylon is another material used to build an office chair base. The strength, resistance to everyday wear and tear, and durability make it suitable for designing a chair base, especially for people who sit in the chairs for longer durations. 

Polypropylene base 

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Another material for office chair bases is polypropylene. Generally, executive office chairs come with a polypropylene chair base. Like aluminum, polypropylene is also lightweight. But, polypropylene is not designed for extensive use, unlike stainless steel or aluminum. Hence, people who are heavy and everyday users should opt for other chair base materials. 

Lastly, there is one thing you need to know before we get into specifics -the parts of an office chair base. The base includes three parts.

  • The gas cylinder –Gas cylinders, or pneumatic cylinders, allows the rise and sink of your chair with the help of a lever unit, which is underneath your seat. 
  • The star –With the star present in the office chair base, the center of gravity is displaced from its support line. It means maximum stability even on uneven flooring.
  • The caster wheels -A caster or wheel is a device that mounts to the bottom of each leg and promotes easy rolling movement of your office chair.

Do not worry. We will, in the article, understand how easy it is to remove each of these parts. 


Office chairs are likely to explode if the gas cylinders in your rolling chairs have pressurized air instead of pressurized gas. The explosion occurs due to faulty gas cylinders. However, there are things you can do to prevent these office chair explosions

How To Remove The Base Of An Office Chair?

Since we have extensively discussed office chair bases, let us cut to the chase and learn three different methods to remove office chair bases. The three methods for removing your chair base of the office chair are: 

Method 1 – Removing the star (or 5-star) base from the rolling office chair. 

In this method, we will first remove all the wheels or casters of the chair, followed by the star chair base.

Things required:

  • A workbench or an old blanket or think cardboard
  • A screwdriver
  • A rubber mallet


  1. Place the blanket or cardboard on the floor or a table and turn the chair upside down
  2. Or start by placing the chair upside down on the corner of your workbench. 
  3. Removing the casters is easy since they are popped into the chair leg. You only have to pull up the casters, and they will pop out the starbase. 
  4. Use a screwdriver to pry underneath and pull them away from the starbase if they are stuck.
  5. Now, using a rubber mallet, gently hammer the gas cylinder. While doing so, be careful with the holding clip at the bottom of the cylinder.
  6. If the starbase is stuck, try tapping the sides of the cylinder with the mallet and pull it out. 

Note -Do not remove the casters from your chair unless you want to replace or return them. Follow the method from Step 5 if you need to remove the starbase of your office chair, excluding the casters. 

Check out The Video Below

Method 2 – Removing the gas cylinder base from the office chair. 

In the previous method, we saw how to remove the star and casters of an office chair. However, you can also start by removing the gas cylinder from the chair and then, followed by the starbase and casters. 

Things required: 

  • Workbench or a table
  • Old blanket or cardboard
  • A screwdriver
  • Rubber mallet
  • Pipe wrench or vice grip
  • WD-40 (optional) 


  1. Begin by turning the chair over on its side on the workbench or a table. Make sure you place an old blanket over the table to protect your chair and table.
  2. Now, remove the 5-star base from your office chair following the above-given method. 
  3. To remove the gas cylinder, firmly secure the pipe wrench onto the top of the cylinder or spindle. 
  4. Twist the spindle using the pipe wrench until the cylinder releases from the chair mechanism and pull it out.
  5. If you do not have a pipe wrench, you need to unscrew the bottom of the seat. Use a rubber mallet to tap the cylinder until it comes out of the chair mechanism. 
  6. However, if your chair is old or the parts are stuck, try separating the base using grease coating with WD-40. 
  7. Spray some WD-40 onto the joints and try to remove the base after the spray settles. 

Caution -Do not overspray the chair surfaces and try not to spray the other parts of the chair. 

Check out the video for a better insight.

Method 3 – Removing the office chair base using the cylinder clip. 

Another method of removing the office chair base is sliding off the holding clip at the center of the cylinder base. 

Things required: 

  • Table and an old blanket
  • A flathead screwdriver or a knife


  1. Put the old blanket on the table and place the chair upside down on the table corner. 
  2. Now, find the clip in the center of the base of the cylinder. 
  3. Once you locate the clip, using a flathead screwdriver or knife, slightly bend the holding clip until the CLICK sound and let it slide on from the piston. 
  4. You will find a washer resembling a mini automobile tire. Slip it off the piston to remove it.
  5. To remove the base, pull and turn counter-clockwise simultaneously. The base and gas cylinder will come out as one piece, with the gas cylinder hidden within.

After removing the base using any of these methods, you can replace the parts with new ones. 

Check out the video for s better understanding

How To Remove A Stuck Gas Cylinder From The Wheel Chair Base?

To remove a stuck cylinder from the office chair can be a challenging task as it requires some muscle strength. Follow the steps given below, and you will have your stuck cylinder out in no time. 

Things required: 

  • Channel locks pliers
  • Some oil or lubricant
  • A rubber mallet


  1. Firstly, lubricate the top surface of the gas cylinder with some oil. 
  2. Now, take the channel locks pliers and twist the cylinder until it loosens from the seat mechanism. 
  3. Simultaneously, tap the cylinder with a rubber mallet. 
  4. Finally, use some strength to pull out the stuck cylinder from the chair mechanism. 

6 tips you need to remember while disassembling an office chair base. 

Following tips, everyone who wants to remove or replace the chair parts must know. 

  • Always keep your screws, bolts, or clip-on in a ziplock bag after removing. 
  • Make sure you do not hammer yourself while using a rubber mallet. 
  • Always place an old blanket to protect your chair and flooring. 
  • Protect your surfaces with old clothes or newspapers before disassembling the office chairs.
  • Apply duct tape to the teeth of your pipe wrench. This will help prevent scratches on the cylinder.
  • You can always refer to the assembly instructions that come with your office chair to avoid incorrect assembly or disassembly. 

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