9 Office Chair Alternatives That Will Keep Your Spines Healthy

Office chairs can be great for providing comfort and support while working. But sometimes, we want to break the mold and find something new, and that’s where office chair alternatives come in.

Fortunately, we’ve got many office chair alternatives that can give you the same or even better support than traditional office chairs. In fact, they’re so multiple that you can find it puzzling to pick one from the pool!

But not any longer! 

This article will dive into 12 of the best office chair alternatives, carefully examining each option. So, whether you’re looking to switch up your work setup or just want to add a bit of fun, this article has got you covered!

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  • Key Takeaways

      • While we have different office chair alternatives, each has its own pros and cons.
      • Some options work better when combined with a standard office chair or other alternatives.
      • The best office chair alternatives are the ones that provide ergonomic benefits, improved posture, and increased energy levels.

    9 Ergonomic Office Chair Alternatives 

    Spending 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, every week in an office chair for years can be a drag. Let’s take a look at some of the more unusual alternatives that can make your daily working life much more comfortable and exciting:

    Kneeling Chairs

    Perhaps you’ve had your fill of sitting in chairs and want a different experience. Kneeling chairs are an excellent option for that.

    The hallmark of these chairs is that they have a declining seat that gives a 110-degree body-thigh angle. This design transfers most of the user’s weight to their shins, so you no longer have to bear it all on your lower back and buttocks.

    Plus, the unique design allows you to keep the spine in a more natural position and relieves pressure from the back, thus promoting a healthier posture.

    kneeling chair

    Of course, since the shins have to bear more weight, kneeling chairs can be a bit hard on them, especially if you’re using one for more than a few hours. 

    But if you’re okay with taking regular breaks from the chair or combining it with one of the other alternative office chairs, you should be good to go.


    • Promotes healthy posture
    • It strengthens the back muscles


    • It can be hard on your shins if used for a long time
    • Not so easy to get in and out of the chair

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    Ergonomic Stools

    If you’re more often in motion than sitting in one spot, you might consider using an ergonomic stool as a substitute for your regular office chair.

    ergonomic stool

    The design of these stools is such that they allow you to move around more comfortably and actively. 

    Also, you can adjust the height for a better fit, and the footing provides extra support and comfort.

    On top of that, like most active sitting chairs, ergonomic stools have a strong base that provides stability, so you don’t have to worry about tipping over.

    And the best part? They don’t take up much space, and some designs can be easily tucked away when not in use!


    • Adjustable height
    • Strong base for stability
    • Can be tucked away when not in use


    • May not provide enough back support

    Saddle Chairs

    For horse enthusiasts, saddle chairs are the perfect office chair alternative. And no, we don’t mean riding them around like a horse!

    Saddle chairs are designed to mimic the shape of a horse’s saddle, with the user sitting in a slightly reclined position. 

    The unique design allows you to move more freely than traditional office chairs, while the curved shape assures you of more comfort.

    saddle chair

    Plus, saddle stools provide lumbar support, helping to maintain good posture. In fact, they are often the go-to option for most people experiencing lower back pain issues and those aiming to make postural rectifications.


    • Unique design that allows more mobility
    • Lowers temperature around the genital area
    • Multiple height options


    • You need an adjustment period to get used to it

    Zero-Gravity Workstations

    Want to mimic the feeling of weightlessness in zero gravity? Then you should definitely check out zero-gravity workstations.

    zero gravity chair

    These desks are carefully crafted to ensure that the user’s body weight is evenly distributed across the entire body surface.

    That’s to say, there’s not much pressure on the back, neck, joints, and other parts that are often targeted when using a standard office chair.

    As for the number of hours, who wouldn’t love spending more hours in a chair that makes them feel like they’re part of an astronaut team in a space adventure?

    And yeah, since they come as a complete workstation package and not just zero-gravity chairs. That’s to say; you’ll also have a place for your laptop, mouse, and other work-related items.


    • Weightless feeling
    • No pressure on the neck, back, or joints
    • Complete workstation package


    • Pricey

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    Gaming Chairs

    If you’re a gaming fanatic, you know how time passes quickly when you get your eyes hooked onto that screen. Well, that’s not just because of the game but also because of the chair you’re using.

    gaming chair

    Gaming chairs provide an ergonomic design and superior comfort, making them ideal for those long gaming sessions.

    And thankfully, these chairs aren’t exclusive to gamers. They can also be used as an alternative office seating chair. They are often equipped with adjustable armrests and lumbar supports to ensure the user is comfortable for the whole duration.


    • Ergonomic chair design
    • Superior comfort
    • Equipped with adjustable armrests and lumbar supports


    • The wheels can get a bit noisy and distract from an office setting.

    Swopper Stools

    Swooper stools also make great office chair alternatives, especially if you’re looking for an option that will allow you to make small constant body movements without taking up too much space.

    swopper stool

    With the design of these chairs, you won’t remain fixed in one position for too long.

    That’s to say; there’s no need to take regular breaks or change positions due to the constant body movements you can make.

    The usually circular base is sturdy to give you stability similar to the one you get when using a four-legged chair.

    Plus, these chairs offer multiple height options, which is great if you work from multiple surfaces and want to be able to adjust the chair accordingly.


    • Allows for small constant body movements
    • Multiple height options
    • Stylish circular and stable base.


    • No backrest

    Beanbag Chair

    Perhaps you’ve used one of these in your childhood home. If not, they sound exactly like chairs filled with beans (or any other soft filling material).

    bean bag chair

    Beanbag chairs are a great office chair alternative, especially if you’d prefer something that provides comfort and relaxation instead of the usual lumbar support and ergonomic design.

    The chairs are usually lightweight, which makes them portable and easier to carry around. Plus, they come in plenty of sizes, colors, and materials.


    • Lightweight and portable
    • Comfortable and relaxing
    • Wide variety of sizes, colors, and materials


    • The filling material may not provide the best support for prolonged sitting.

    Balance Ball Chairs

    The balance ball chair is another office chair alternative that lets you stay active while working.

    Ball chairs are designed to use an exercise stability ball as the seat, providing ample back and core support while encouraging better posture.

    Plus, the chair keeps you active even while working, letting you engage your core muscles and burn more calories.

    ballance ball chair

    And unlike conventional office chairs, the balance ball chair is adjustable and can grow with you throughout your fitness journey.


    • Great for posture and core support
    • Encourages active sitting
    • Adjustable to accommodate different fitness levels


    • May require more attention and effort while sitting.

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    Standing Desk

    Standing desks are a great way to break away from the traditional office setup and get some well-deserved standing time throughout your workday.

    standing desk

    These desks come in various styles and sizes, allowing you to get the perfect one that fits your needs.

    Plus, they’re adjustable, so you can easily adjust the height as needed.

    The best part about standing desks is that they provide you with the health benefits of working in a standing position, such as reducing neck pain and improving posture.


    • Adaptable height for different users
    • Provides health benefits of working in a standing position
    • Various styles and sizes are available


    • Requires more space than regular desks.

    Other accessories that can make your work more comfortable and efficient are as follows :

    Anti-fatigue Mats

    If you’re looking for an office chair alternative that helps reduce the strain on your feet and lower legs while standing, then anti-fatigue mats are the way to go.

    anti fatigue mat

    These mats are designed with cushioned surfaces that provide cushioning and support while standing in one place for long periods of time.

    You’ll find them in various designs and materials, so you can easily find one that suits your preference. One thing, though, is choosing one with varied surfaces is a great way to avoid getting bored when standing on it for extended periods.


    • Cushioned surfaces provide cushioning and support while standing
    • A variety of sizes and colors are available
    • Varied surfaces keep you from getting bored while standing


    • Not suitable for some types of floors.

    Underdesk Bike

    The under-desk bike isn’t just an alternative to your traditional office chair – it’s also a great way to get some exercise while you work.

    under desk bike

    It’s a mini-exercise bike that slides under your desk, allowing you to pedal while sitting or standing.

    Plus, the adjustable tension knob lets you adjust the intensity of your workout based on your energy level and preference.

    These bikes are a great way to stay active and keep fit while working. As a bonus, you reap the health benefits of cycling while performing your regular office tasks.

    But then, since pedaling is a much more active activity than sitting, you may not be able to use it when working on something that needs more concentration, such as writing or programming.


    • Allows you to stay active while working
    • Adjustable tension knob for different workout intensities
    • Slides under desk easily


    • Can’t use it when doing activities that require more concentration.

    Stand-Up Desk Converter

    Instead of changing your office chair, how about adopting a whole new work style?

    With a stand-up desk converter, you can do just that.

    These desks are designed to turn any existing workspace into a standing desk, so you no longer have to spend the whole day sitting down.

    stand up desk converter

    Thanks to the convertible design of this unit, stand-up desk converters are increasingly becoming popular in office setups.

    The 2-in-1 design lets you reap the health benefits of working while standing, including burning more calories, increasing muscle activity, and others, without entirely foregoing the comfort of working while sitting.

    So, if you’re on a weight loss journey or need to break away from the conventional office setup, you should try stand-up desk converters. This study shows that you’ll even boost your work productivity!


    The office chair alternatives discussed in this article should help you find a seating option that works best for you.

    Whether it’s a kneeling chair, an ergonomic stool, a saddle chair, a zero-gravity workstation, a gaming chair, or any other type of ergonomic seating option, there’s something for everyone.

    From ergonomic benefits to improved posture and increased energy levels, these chairs can help you stay productive and comfortable while working in the office. So, get creative and find the right office chair alternative for your needs!

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