Papasan Chair vs Mamasan Chair: Which is the Best?

Are you a fan of boho interior style and want to incorporate it into your home? If yes, then the first thing you need is a cozy bowl-shaped Papasan or Mamasan chair.

These chairs will add an artistic element to your room design and provide a snuggly place for cuddling up and reading your favorite book. Papasan and Mamasan chairs are mostly made from rattan or wicker. The rattan has humidity and sound absorption properties that make it one of the ideal materials for the indoor environment

Most homeowners find themselves confused between choosing a Papasan or a Mamasan chair.

In this article, we will be discussing the difference between both chairs in detail. I will also tell you which chair is suitable for your home interior based on home space, design, and comfort.

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About Papasan Chair

A Papasan Chair is a bowl-shaped chair with a round cushion suitable for one person. It is also known as a bowl chair, saucer chair, moon chair, and bucket chair. Papasan chairs are stylish furniture that can quickly become part of any home decor.

These bowl-shaped chairs are an Asian invention popular in countries like Japan and the Philippines. Over time, this timeless piece of furniture was introduced in the United States, making it an interior decor staple in most houses.

Papasan Chair


Is Getting a Papasan Chair a Good Idea?

Papasan chairs are mostly made from rattan wicker and bamboo material, making them an ideal choice for the indoor and outdoor environment.

According to an analysis, the demand for rattan furniture has marvelously increased in past years, and it is expected to reach USD 870.19 million by 2026. The sole reason for the increased popularity of such furniture is its versatility, easy assembling, and comfort level.

The Papasan chair comes in four pieces the base, cushion bucket, a thick cushion, and cushion cover. You can quickly assemble it and place it in any corner to create a comfy reading nook.

Tip: If you want to get a cushion for your Papasan chair, always measure the curve of the chair vertically.

chair detailed

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Pros of Papasan Chairs

  • Lightweight.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Takes lesser space.

Cons of Papasan Chairs

  • Less stability than the Mamasan chair.
  • Not suitable for people with back issues.

About Mamasan Chair

A mamasan chair is a wide, oval-shaped chair with a thick cushion that can easily accommodate two people. It is also called the double Papasan chair or Papasan loveseat because it looks like the extended version of it.

Traditionally, the frame of the mamasan chair or double Papasan chair is made from rattan wicker but with the advancement in style, now plastic and metal are also used for a sturdy frame. These chairs have a thick cushion that provides the ultimate comfort for sitting or lying down.

Mamasan chairs are very versatile and accommodating. They have removable cushions that can be styled and customized according to your home decor and preference.

Mamasan Chair


Are Mamasan Chairs Outdated?

Mamasan chairs have come a long way. They were introduced into American culture after the Vietnam war. During the 70s, it was a piece of staple furniture in almost every US house due to its style and artistic appearance.

But it is not correct to say that Mamasan chairs are now outdated. They have evolved in different ways and are now used as a loveseat for most living rooms. After the popularity of the boho interior style, these chairs have also made a comeback in most home decor.

Tip: You can convert your Mamasan chair into a swing by removing the base and hanging it with sturdy ropes.

Pros of Mamasan Chairs

  • Versatile.
  • Stable.
  • Comfortable.
  • Sturdy.

Cons of Mamasan Chair

  • Expensive than the Papasan chair.
  • Heavy.
  • Takes more space.

Mamasan Chair vs Papasan Chair: A Detailed Analysis

Mamasan and Papasan chairs have a lot of similarities and subtle differences. Here is a table to help you understand the differences in a better way.

Papasan ChairMamasan Chair
Weight LimitUpto 300 poundsMore than 300 pounds
SizeApprox 35-45 inchesApprox 65 inches
Price $100- $300$200- $500
Ease to assembleYesYes
Seating Capacity12

Similarities between Papasan and Mamasan Chairs


You are wrong if you think Mamasan and Papasan chairs are merely novelty chairs used for decorative purposes. These chairs are designed to keep the ultimate comfort in mind. The round bowl-like shape of the chair, along with a thick cushion, makes it a perfect retreat for relaxing and cuddling up. 

If you have a partner to snuggle with, choosing a mamasan chair is the way to go as it offers more space and comfort for two. A Papasan chair provides a womb-like warmth and coziness for a single person.


Mamasan and Papasan chairs have versatile designs that can be adjusted according to your preference. The chairs consist of a rattan frame and a bowl for placing the cushion. You can adjust the back support and comfort level according to your preference.

If you want to sit up, you should push the back enough so that it doesn’t come in line with the base. For those who like to curl up in the chair, you can easily place the back at the center of the base.

The thickness and coziness of the cushion also make a world of difference. You can replace the cushions and their filling according to your choice.

Easy Maintenance

Mamasan and Papasan chairs are rattan wicker furniture, an easy-to-maintain material. You can get rattan bindings at a nominal rate from the market and replace your old, worn-out binding with a new one.

Similarly, you can easily clean the removable cushion and replace it whenever needed.

Wide Variety of Designs

Papasan and Mamasan chairs come in various designs and shapes to suit your home needs. You can also design the cushion filling and fabric according to your preference and style. Matching it with your home decor is a good idea to add an aesthetic element.

Go for wooden material if you plan to use Mamasan and Papasan chairs as patio furniture. Wood is a sturdy material that resists harsh weather keeping your furniture last for a long time.

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Differences between Papasan and Mamasan Chair

Design and Seating Capacity

As mentioned earlier, the Papasan chair is best for one person, while the mamasan chair is designed for two persons.

The design of a Papasan chair consists of a round base and a bowl shape bucket for placing the cushion.

Mamasan chairs have an oblong-shaped structure for placing the cushion with a more extended base.


The Mamasan chair has a longer rattan frame making them more stable and sturdier than a Papasan chair.

You will feel stable on a Papasan chair as long as you don’t move a lot, but leaning on one side or sitting up too quickly can make the chair unstable, risking you falling off.


You can place the Papasan chair in any corner of your room due to round moon shape. The Papasan chair is a round moon chair that can be placed in any house corner. It doesn’t take up much space, making it ideal for smaller spaces.

On the other hand, a mamasan chair is unsuitable for people living in smaller spaces. Its larger frame and cushion require more space. Such chairs are ideal for living rooms and outdoor living.


You will find Papasan easier to move and maneuver than a mamasan chair. Its small base and bucket make it more easily adaptable to smaller places and easily movable by a single person.

On the other hand, the mamasan chairs are a bit heavier and require at least two people to maneuver.

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Cost is another crucial difference between these two chairs. Mamasan chairs are oversized; hence, they are more costly. If you are on a tight budget opting for a Papasan chair is a better option. Also, remember that the mamasan chair cushions are more expensive.

No, you do not need to buy a separate cushion for the chair, but after a while, you need to reinvest in it. So choose the chair wisely by keeping your budget in mind.

Mamasan vs Papasan chair: Which is the best?

Above all, when choosing the right chair, there is no one winner. It all comes down to your personal choice and preference. Papasan chairs are an ideal addition to small, enclosed spaces. Whereas Mamasan chairs can complement your living room, giving it a more boho look.


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