Why Are Peacock Chairs So Expensive? [Explained In Depth]

It’s time to get into the new trend. People have come up to spend most of their time in outdoor arenas. Between 2021 and 2026, the rattan furniture industry might have a USD 870.19 million growth difference. These new hits result in buying stylish furniture with ease of comfort.

Therefore, peacock chairs became famous for buying luxury with pleasure.

So, why are peacock chairs so expensive?

In a retro peacock chair, its stylish curved shape, a royal look, gives a boho look to your home. Peacock chairs are naturally exquisite in rattan shades. 

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  • Key Takeaways

      • The high quality, time & skillset required for weaving make peacock chairs expensive.
      • It symbolizes the wealth and dignity of people.
      • Peacock chairs are used as a photo prop for times.
      • Peacock chair is highly durable and lightweight in nature.
      • Due to their multifunctionality and comfort, peacock chair is popular to buy.
      • Studies show peacock chair is originally from the Philippines.

    Why are peacock chairs so costly?

    The most common reason peacock chairs are expensive is that they are handmade. The raw material used is worth the price. 

    Due to this high-quality material, it ranges from $40 to $200. Its weaving process needs high skill and excess time to do it intricately.

    They could be placed outdoors and indoors to give your room a sophisticated, graceful touch. They are a low-maintenance deal yet not cost-effective for ordinary people.

    Let’s learn in detail ten factors about why peacock chairs are so expensive:

    High-Quality Material

    A little extra expense that not everyone can afford to bring to their home. The primary reason is the use of high-quality material, which is very costly and also time-consuming to weave.

    The materials can be bamboo, cane stalk, and rattan palm vines since they are durable and stay the same for years. They also give natural wood tone to the chairs.

    The most used material to build peacock chairs is Wicker furniture; because they are solid materials to build chairs with. Peacock chairs are made naturally and never with synthetic materials.

    Wicker is found to be the most expensive material to build indoor and outdoor furniture.

    peacock chair
    Source: www.houzz.com


    Wicker and rattan materials are weaved finely to give a cultivated appearance to the peacock chair. It requires much effort and time since it’s a slow and intricate process. They are handmade; therefore, they cost more.

    The wicker material is wrapped with metal or wooden frames to give the basic shape. Then, weaving is done in different directions, known as basket weaving, to provide a peacock-like shape. 

    This woven rattan requires a great skill set which eventually makes it expensive.


    Everything that you want to keep for a longer duration needs proper care. Chairs also need proper cleaning and maintenance to keep them sturdy.  

    The best part is it does not fade its color when exposed to light or water. They are even resistant to cracks and are really powerful since they are made of Rattan and Wicker. 

    Rattan furniture has the specialty of being lightweight yet capable of sustaining heavyweight, whereas Wicker is environment-friendly. 

    Did you know?

    The 1,200 hectares combined make up the first FSC-certified rattan forest in history.

    Check about: FSC Certification


    Chairs are always multifunctional, especially when they have an elegant look. Peacock chairs are never out of fashion. 

    They can be utilized in a living room as they are comfortable to sit in. Further, they can be used in a dining room as they have a royal look that makes them pleasant for indoor furniture.

    You can keep it in your garden too as sun rays do not affect the chairs. Moreover, even as a showcase to increase dignity.


    Peacock chairs are available in various colors since they can be painted in every color of your choice.

    Peacock chair looks naturally beautiful, but some people are prone to match their furniture with the room color, so they can even do so.

    This multi-colored furniture easily grabs the attention of many and also goes with the trend in modern times.  


    Peacock chairs are light in weight since the rattan material used in it is easy to carry. The frames added are also made up of materials like wood or aluminum, which are also lightweight.

    They are easily portable from one place to another. For people who are more likely to shift their furniture from here and there to get different view options, these peacock chairs are for you. 

    Weight holding capacity

    Please don’t take their lightweight as a check for a lower-capacity hold. Among the toughest pieces of furniture, these chairs can hold maximum weight.

    Peacock chair holds up to 235 to 245 pounds of weight. Due to its better holding capacity, it can be used without fear of breaking.

    Control over pests

    Peacock chairs are made from natural materials. Due to its naturality, it is free from pests and rot. As a result, it is the best fit for outdoor furniture. 

    What else could be expected from the table if it is of anti-damaging material?

    The classic collection of peacock chairs can be a win-win for interior or outdoor decor for your homes.

    Stylish Luxury Look

    The class you want to add to your place, whether it’s a home or a hotel, is what peacock chairs are for.

    They not only give a bohemian look but also add grace to your space that can be a factor in showing your wealth and dignity to people.  

    These natural-tone chairs give an antique look and are a highlighter for your home. 

    Supportive & Comfortable Structure

    Structures like these support the spine. There is enough space on this furniture for you to sit straight.

    You can rest your head and back on the wide and tall back of the chair. Additionally, it has an armrest that provides you with a place to rest your arms.

    Their seating area is cozy and comfortable. Because it is a woven part with some flexibility, the seating area is not difficult to sit in. You can place a cushion, blanket, or rug on the back to make them more comfortable.

    Due to the round bottom of some designs, you will not be able to slip off the chair when sitting on it.

    Did you know peacock chairs are photogenic props?

    Filmmakers and celebrities use peacock chairs as props in photo booths to add a regal touch.

    They were found in the homes of wealthy people to show their aristocracy and a symbol of pop culture

    Elizabeth Taylor, Dolly Parton, Cher, Charlie Chapman, Diana Ross, and many other celebrities were photographed on the elegant peacock chairs. 

    Even the chair was used in a play in the Black Power movement of the 20th century.

    This photogenic prop is marked as a symbol of dignity.

    actress valentina on peacock chair
    Studio portrait of actress Valentina Cortese sitting in a peacock chair, wearing a long dress, as she appears in the movie ‘Malaya,’ for MGM Studios, 1949. 

    (Photo by Archive Photos/Getty Images)

    History and popularity gain

    There are many controversies over the origination of the peacock chair. Some say they are originally from the Philippines; on the other hand, some believe it originates from East Asia.

    Changes have been made by many countries, including Europe, to make it more attractive. China used these chairs to examine famous personalities’ status and ruling power. 

    In the 18th century, these chairs gained popularity among high-class people. And even today, it is considered a symbol of royalty and wealth.

    Peacock chair design

    All the chairs have the same construction process, and there is no such difference in peacock chairs. But since its appearance is unusual, it requires a skillset to design it.

    They have hourglass bases with high flared arms in addition to fan-like backs. This look gives it the shape of a feathered tail as that of a peacock. This gave this chair the name peacock chair. 

    Black panther story

    Huey Newton, Black Panther leader, was photographed on this chair with a rifle in one hand and a deterministic look surrounded by American shields. It was signified as a token of Black Power, and even it appeared in Marvel’s Black Panther movie in 2018. 

    This photo became an important part of the movement and was famous all around. 

    Future Aspects

    With time everything modernized, and this responsibility was left to Philipines to give a new look to the peacock chairs. 

    The chair has a history of becoming popular as a photo prop and later used in hotels and homes and will always be an eye-catcher for everyone for further decades. 

    modern peacock chair

    Source: kennethcobonpue.com

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