How to Reset a Massage Chair? [4 Easy Ways Explained]

Imagine that you come home after a long, tiring day and a massage is all you need. Unfortunately, only to find out that your massage chair is not working smoothly. It is frustrating, isn’t it?

Luckily, I might have the solution to your problem. As a massage chair owner, you must know the importance of resetting your massage chair from time to time. 

According to a study, massage chairs demonstrate efficacy in pain control, patient satisfaction, and life quality modification. This study suggests that massage chair therapy is superior to clinic-based physiotherapy in relation to cost-effectiveness. 

Point To Note: While a full body massage chair can help ease Work From Home and minor tensions, they are NOT your zenith cure solution for aches and pains. 

So, if your massage chair is not running smoothly, you should act on it, meaning reset the massage chair to get the desired experience. Even so, how to reset a massage chair? Is it possible to reset it at home?

Yes, it is possible. How? Keep reading to find out!

Key Takeaway 

  • If you experience any issues in your chair, try to reset your massage chair manually before going to the professionals. It might solve many minor problems.
  • Factory reset improves the functionality of your chair and cures problems like temperature fluctuations, massage chair stops working, massage chair making noise, and many more. 
  • Resetting your massage chair can help you experience your chair as good as new. 
  • Although, always go through the user manual before resetting your chair since the resetting options might be different for different chairs.

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What Are Massage Chairs?

Massage chairs, according to Forbes, are tools to help you relax, increase flexibility, lessen chronic muscle tension, and even decrease perceived stress. 

As we age, with everyday exhaustion and fatigue, we tend to experience aches and pains. You can ease these aches and pains with a nice, relaxing massage. However, since most people cannot afford to go to a spa or wellness center or get a massage regularly, here is where a massage chair comes into the picture. 

Massage chairs are similar to massage therapists’ hands, providing vibrations, kneading, and other types of massage for tired muscles, including shiatsu (which works like acupressure).

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TIP: With a massage chair, you can relax and reduce stress only within 15 minutes. 

You only need to maintain the chair daily, especially if it is used daily. If you fail to maintain and reset the massage chair, your massage chair might have long-term issues. Eventually, you will feel that the massage chair isn’t as good as it once was or that some settings have changed.

It means the massage chair must be reset. Although, why is there a need to reset?

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Why Is There A Need To Reset A Massage Chair?

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After buying a massage chair, you will often hear the following advice –Massage chairs are a valuable investment, so treat them well to get the maximum benefit.  

Now, why do the massage chairs need a reset? Although, if you are a daily massage chair user, you are used to your chair and might have already customized it to your liking. 

The highest quality massage chair provides many customizable features. Those are:

  • Massage rollers with manual speed and intensity settings, 
  • The massage points that you prefer, 
  • A customized massage session, and 
  • Music synchronization.

So, when does a massage chair need a reset? Let us look at different scenarios when you might have to reset your massage chair. 

  1. When you cannot remember which setting you have customized, the best thing to do is reset your massage chair to its factory settings. 
  2. When you do not like the pre-set settings of your massage chair and want to customize them, reset them.
  3. The person who resets the chair is not the same as the one who will use the chair. The user might reset it to their liking. 
  4. There is a new user who wants to customize the settings.
  5. When something seems off with how the chair feels or operates on your body.

Ways To Reset A Massage Chair

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So, if you come across any of the above cases, you may have to reset your chair for it to run smoothly again. You might wonder if you need professional help resetting your chair. 

Well, the good news is –there is no need to always go for professional help resetting your massage chair. I have some ways wherein you can reset your chair at home -by yourself. 

Caution: Always ensure that no one is sitting on the massage chair when you reset it, as it may automatically switch to a series of positions.

Without further ado, let us dive into the ways of resetting one by one. 

Factory Reset

A factory reset is one of the simplest methods to remove all of your personalization. Factory settings are the ones that come built-in with your massage chair, also called default settings.  

If you have customized your massage chair to your favorite programs, modes, time, and other options, you need to know how to return it to its factory settings.

Notice an issue with the internal mechanism of your chair? 

The simplest way is to reset it to factory settings. It also improves the functionality of the massage chair. 

To factory reset your chair, 

  1. First, turn off your massage chair entirely.
  2. Find the ‘Power’ and ‘Kneading’ buttons on the remote control of your chair and press them at once.
  3. Keep pressing both buttons for at least 9-10 seconds. 
  4. Now, if you have a remote control having a display screen, you might see an ‘error’ sign flashing on the remote screen. 
  5. The automatic massage chair pad will vibrate slightly, indicating the deletion of the previous history.
  6. It indicates that your massage chair reset was successful. 

Note: Several massage chairs come with a factory reset button. Hence, you can always read the user manual that came with the chair to know the factory reset method for your particular chair. 

Remote/Control Panel Reset

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If your factory reset is unsuccessful, you can reset it using the remote control. While resetting it using the remote, 

  1. Turn off the power cord for 10 seconds and turn it on again. 
  2. Now, press the ‘Massage’/’Power’ button on your remote control for at least 7- 10 seconds. 
  3. The remote will ask you to press ‘Yes’ or ‘No.’ 
  4. For resetting, you need to press ‘Yes.’ 
  5. The chair will reset in some time and will be ready to use again. 

Manual Reset

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The remote control reset will do the job. Yet, what if your remote isn’t working or is lost? In this case, you can reset the chair manually. For manual reset,

  1. Plug in the power cord and make enough space near the chair.
  2. Find the reset button, which is generally under the chair seat cushion. 
  3. Now, press the button and wait until the chair calibrates. 
  4. After 10 minutes, your chair is ready to use again. 

Reset A Massage Chair Program 

You can reset a massage chair program whenever you want to change or delete a particular programmed setting. In this case, 

  1. Turn on the power outlet of the chair.
  2. Switch on the massage chair using the remote.
  3. Turn on the desired program of your chair by pressing the On/Off button.
  4. Now, press the On/Off button again to either change or delete the previous program.
  5. You can now reset the program based on your preferences.

Note: This article’s way to reset the massage chair may apply to all or standard massage chairs. If none of the above methods work, you should follow the user manual while purchasing the chair. 

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What Problems Can A Reset Massage Chair Solve?

So, you have reset your massage chair successfully. But, what problems have resetting exactly solved? Let us go through each one of them in brief. 

Some of the issues that a massage chair reset can solve are:

The increased body temperature of the chair

While you sit on your chair, if your chair is heating up or experiencing temperature fluctuations, it is due to incorrect settings. The chair reset erases the fault settings and makes it suitable to use. 

The timer stopped functioning. 

One of the essential features of a massage chair is the automated timer. Why? Because if the timer is not functioning, the user will have no idea how long a massage session will last. 

Though time does not affect the internal massaging mechanism, it is a significant factor for massage chair users. By resetting your massage chair, you might be able to restore the auto-timer. 

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Unexplained noises from the chair. 

Though, there might be several reasons your massage chair might make noise. Often, it is because of the air compressors or poor motor operation.

Seek expert assistance if you think the reason is technical. If not, try resetting your massage chair. Generally, a factory reset cures such problems.

Non-responsive massage features.

Imagine sitting on your chair, enjoying a relaxing massage, and some features do not function properly, solve this by resetting the chair settings. 

For instance, the massage rollers are not reaching the points as they should, the airbags cannot compress, or the monitor is not working. If any of these happen, try resetting the massage chair, it might solve these issues. 

Abrupt stopping of your massage chair.

Try resetting if abruptly the massage chair stops working in between sessions. Almost certainly, some customized setting is the problem here. If the problem persists, you must contact a professional to have your massage chair thoroughly inspected.


Buying a massage chair helps you relax and reduce minor aches and pains. However, you should know how to reset it because a massage chair is a heavy investment. Plus, seeking professional help for every issue is not possible. 

A massage chair reset works 4 out of 5 times in solving common, everyday issues. Additionally, it also saves you money and time. The ways discussed in this article are general and can be applied to a standard massage chair. 

Therefore, you can always follow the user manual of that particular chair since the manual has instructions for resetting the chair. 

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