Are Secretlab Chairs Ergonomic? [10 Best Features Explained]

“Video games are bad for you? That’s what they said about rock n’ roll.” – Shigeru Miyamoto.

If you are a passionate gamer who loves to spend hours in front of the computer, having a comfortable chair is exceptionally crucial. Let’s face it, the last thing you want to suffer while saving your mini-digital world is backache. 

For a good posture and comfortable experience, you need a chair that adjusts according to your spine and supports your shoulder and head.

If you are into gaming chairs, you must have heard about Secretlab, as they have been the leading gaming chair brand since 2014. According to Tech in Asia, Secretlab generated a massive revenue of $52 million. The prediction is that the company will surpass the $1 billion revenue mark within a few years.

Secretlab does have a wide variety of chairs, but the question is, are these chairs ergonomic?

Well, the simple answer is YES.

Secretlab chairs are ergonomic with some of the finest features for supporting a good posture while enjoying your gaming experience. Read further as we discuss in detail what makes Secretlab chairs ergonomic.

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  • Key Takeaways

      • Secretlab manufactures ergonomic chairs with immense features for optimal comfort.
      • It has backrests, lumbar support, adjustable armrests, and seat height adjustment options.
      • Fabric options include Leatherette, soft weave fabric, and NAPA leather.
      • The magnetic memory foam pillow on the headrest and interchangeable magnetic armrests make it stand out.

    Ergonomic Features of Secret Lab Chairs

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    Professional designers design Secretlab gaming chairs by keeping functionality and ergonomics in mind. With every new model, the gaming chairs are improving and providing more features to support good posture and make gaming more comfortable. Here’s what makes these gaming chairs ergonomic.

    Winged Shoulder Support

    Gaming can be exciting, sometimes leaving you on the edge of your seat. But this excitement can take a toll on your posture and comfort. 

    You need a gaming chair with maximum shoulder support to keep them straight instead of a hunched back. Secretlab chairs have curved wing-like shoulder support that supports your shoulders while keeping your elbows on the table. Furthermore, it relieves strain while spending hours gaming, unlike office chairs.

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    Backrest Recline Lever

    It is natural to move forward and backward while sitting on a gaming chair. It helps you relieve the pressure off your sit bones and spine. Moreover, it also enables you to relax your multiple muscle groups. 

    A good ergonomic chair must provide a backrest and seat tilt to adjust your movement. You will find a generous 165 degrees recline in Secretlab chairs that help you relax while watching your favorite show or for a power nap.

    The recline lever is on the right side of your chair. Well, it’s not a bad idea to use Secretlab as your ergonomic office chair too.

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    Heavy Duty Base With 360 Swivel

    Swivel and a sturdy base is another ergonomic feature that provides maneuverability while not compromising your posture. Secretlab chairs offer a sturdy Aluminium wheelbase that aids in even weight distribution. Furthermore, it keeps the chair stable if you try to adjust your posture or move around.

    A swivel chair helps you move without compromising your posture or straining your lower back if you have multiple display screens. The wheels of Secretlab chairs are PU coated, which helps smooth movement on any surface.

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    Adjustable Armrest

    Whether playing using a keyboard or joysticks, your arms and elbows need support, so you do not slouch your shoulder. Secretlab chairs provide fully adjustable armrests. You can set them at a comfortable 90-degree angle to keep the pressure off your shoulders.

    The armrests are moveable in all four directions so that you can adjust them according to your position. Furthermore, you can also replace the armrest with memory foam ones for a softer base.

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    Built-in Lumbar Support

    The most common complaint we mostly hear from gamers is backache. It is because of prolonged sitting without support. 

    Secretlab chairs have 4-way Lumbar support that moves up, down, in, and out to completely support your spine’s S shape. The gaming chair also has a tilt mechanism that keeps your chair fully adjusted according to your spine all day long.

    The knob on the sides of the backrest lets you personalize your chair by adjusting the depth of lumbar support according to your comfort.

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    Adjustable Seat Height

    Ergonomically the ideal posture for sitting on a chair is

    • Your feet must touch the floor.
    • Your working desk should have adequate height, so your elbows are at a 90-degree angle.

    Secretlab chairs have a lever beneath the base that helps adjust the chair’s height and tilt. Whether working on the computer or gaming, seat height adjustment allows for a correct posture. Moreover, it offers an optimal comfort and takes the pressure off your legs and sit bones.

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    Seat Base Curve

    The seat base of a good gaming chair must be firm with high-quality foam to provide ease while sitting and not compromise on form. A curved seat base is ideal for supporting sit bones and multiple pressure points while sitting. 

    Secretlab chairs have a proprietary pebble seat base with a curve at the center that accommodates multiple movements while sitting. The winged edges on the seat let you sit in the center while supporting your hip bones.

    In addition, the seat has a slope that helps reduce pressure from the thighs, and the sharper edges do not strain the knees while placing the feet on the ground.

    Curved Seat BaseSeat slopes and edges

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    High-Quality Fabric

    Good ergonomic chairs have high-quality breathable material that does not cause users to sweat. Secretlab chairs offer three options for optimal comfort. 

    • The first version is made of Leatherette, a soft fabric with luster and shine. Its quality is similar to the material used for sports car seats. Leatherette doesn’t only make the gaming chair visually appealing but also provides a refreshing feel to the user.
    • The Second version has soft weave plus fabric, which is softer and more breathable than Leatherette. 
    • The third option is NAPA leather, the ultimate dream chair of every gamer because it is breathable and of finer quality. Moreover, it makes your gaming setup looks stunning.
    Softweave Plus FabricNAPA LeatherLeatherette

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    Magnetic Memory Foam Pillow

    Memory Foam Pillow provides good head and spine support while working in front of your computer all day.

    Forget about the old strap system because Secretlab provides a magnetic memory foam pillow that you can adjust according to your posture and sitting position. The pad offers comfort for your neck muscles and helps align your spine.

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    Adaptable Size

    An ideal ergonomic chair is designed by keeping in mind the user’s body. Secretlab has three variants of its gaming chair catering to people of different heights and weights.

    The L and Xl size are sturdier for bearing more weight while keeping the comfort and functionality of the chair in mind.

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    Final Thoughts

    If you are looking for a stylish, comfortable, and ergonomic gaming chair, Secretlab is the way to go. Honestly, gaming chairs are stylish and add a modern touch to your workspace. But finding a gaming chair that is visually appealing and ergonomic and can be used as an ergonomic office chair as well is a hard thing. 

    Secretlab chairs have lumbar support, backrest recline, moveable armrests, and a firm yet comfortable seat. All these features have compelled its users to say great stuff about its products. So, let’s build your battleground in a relaxed environment by getting one of these ergonomic chairs.

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