Can You Sleep In A Massage Chair? [Explained In Detail]

I can guarantee that while using your massage chair, you have at least once wondered what it would be like to sleep in one, haven’t you? It is only natural to wonder whether sleeping in a massage chair is a good idea knowing the relaxing benefits.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that sleep problems affect approximately 70 million Americans. Lack of sleep is associated with injuries, chronic diseases, mental illnesses, and decreased quality of life. There is little awareness that sleep problems can play a significant role in some chronic conditions, such as obesity and depression.

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In response, a study found that relaxing your muscles with a massage chair before bedtime can improve sleep and help you feel more energetic. Often users tend to fall asleep during a massage therapy session.

However, can you sleep in a massage chair, does it improve your sleep pattern, and is it safe? 

Long answer short, YES, you can.

Although, there are some things you need to consider if you are planning to sleep in your massage chair. In this article, I discuss everything you need to know about sleep and massage chairs to avoid further consequences and have a relaxing experience. 

Let us start with the basics.

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  • Key Takeaways

      • Yes, you can sleep in a massage chair; however, longer durations may be uncomfortable.
      • As changing sides is not possible.
      • Basically, it treats insomnia, improves sleep quality, and reduces stress and anxiety. 
      • Acid reflux, sleep apnea, backaches, and surgery recovery can be greatly relieved

    Some Sneak Peek on Massage Chair

    Now, if you are a rookie to massage chairs, what benefits it offers, and how this can be a helpful addition to your life, I will try to brief you about it. It will help you understand the terms and basics of massage chairs. 

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    Massage chairs, as the name suggests, are ergonomic seats that massage your entire body, relaxing muscle tension, alleviating pain and aches, improving blood circulation, and enhancing body posture. 

    Since ancient times, massages have been a way to relax muscle tension and release fatigue from your body after a long, tiring day. However, every time, it is only sometimes possible to go into a wellness spa or massage parlor to get a nice massage therapy. 

    Due to this, a massage chair came into being in the 1950s and became the best alternative since you could keep them in the comfort of your own home. Although massage chairs are expensive, they offer several health benefits using massage rollers, air compressors, vibrations, and airbags

    Now, imagine having a 30-45 minute intensive massage session on your massage chair. You don’t feel like getting up from that relaxing chair, do you? However, this raises a question: Can you use massage chairs for sleeping?

    Can You Use Massage Chairs For Sleeping?

    Well, long story short -Yes! You can use your massage chair for sleeping. Although, it is not recommended. It is true that massage chairs offer improved and enhanced sleep quality. But they are not suitable for an entire night of sleep. According to research, people who do not get enough quality sleep regularly are at risk for several health disorders and diseases.

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    Even though a massage chair will help you in sleeping, it is not wise to sleep in them every time or even for the entire night. The reasons are discussed further. On the other hand, you can take short naps, which will refresh and energize you for the day. 

    So, let me take you through the reasons you should and should NOT sleep in a massage chair in detail. 

    Reasons For Sleeping In A Massage Chair

    One of the many advantages of a massage chair is improved sleep quality.

    • Massage treatment relieves muscular and joint tension, resulting in total relaxation.
    • Moreover, massages also increase serotonin, the hormone responsible for mood regulation. 

    Almost everyone has difficulty sleeping. The reason, for most people, is -insomnia. It occurs when serotonin and dopamine levels are low, creating a chemical imbalance in the brain and making it challenging for the brain to induce sleep.

    Regular use of a massage chair will assist our bodies in producing more feel-good chemicals like serotonin, promoting restful sleep.

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    Once these hormones are released, your breathing gradually slows down, and your muscles relax when you’re calm, telling your brain -it is time to go to bed. The same happens in a massage chair. Falling asleep on a massage chair is safe and beneficial to people. 

    However, in the long run, a massage chair is not feasible as a solution to your disorders, even if it provides relief for a moment.

    It is best to explore the possibility of getting an adjustable base and examine your sleeping posture as to which comforts you. Furthermore, consider replacing your current mattress and pillows and getting new ones.

    Studies show that massage chairs can reduce perceived stress, systolic and diastolic blood pressures, and heart rate, indicating the benefits of a relaxing environment with a massage chair.

    Reasons For Not Sleeping In A Massage Chair

    Although there are advantages to sleeping in a massage chair, sleeping in one for extended periods may be uncomfortable. Massage chairs, for starters, offer calf and foot attachments, affecting your comfort, meaning the ports restrict your body movement, making it uncomfortable. During sleep, they prevent you from moving your body. 

    On one side, your legs can’t move anywhere because the calf attachments have little room for movement. On the other side, using these attachments, you will be able to keep your legs apart during your massage therapy, and you will be able to improve circulation and prevent varicose veins from appearing, along with relaxing yourself. 

    Fortunately, there exists a rotating ottoman massage chair. These rotating ottoman chair includes a flat surface on their bottom, allowing you to use them for sleeping, in particular. Or else, you can get a massage chair that has a cover for leg attachments and is of use while sleeping in the chair. 

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    As a result, as soon as you want to fall asleep, you won’t be able to change your position because your body will be in a skeletal position. Similarly, movement while sleeping is essential and healthy as long as it’s not excessive. 

    Note: Sleeping is not a static activity, you might prefer one position over another, but movement during sleep is necessary.

    If you spend most of your time on your back, transitioning to a side position will make you uncomfortable and may result in an injury, as your spine is not in a proper alignment. It does not mean that your massage chair is an example of poor design or ergonomics. 

    Another problem while sleeping in massage chairs is -The massage chair rollers. They stick out and dig into your back when the chair is not in use, making sleeping difficult. There is a solution to this as well -retractable massage chair rollers. These rollers sink into the chair back when not in use, allowing you to sleep. 

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    While this is true, your body will fall into the space occupied by the rollers, causing pain in your lower back. In that case, you can keep a pillow on your lumbar area to prevent back pain while you sleep in your full-body massage chair. 

    Who Can Benefit From Sleeping In Massage Chairs?

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    After going through the reasons, you might know the advantages and disadvantages of sleeping in a massage chair. Furthermore, did you know that only some people can actually sleep in a massage chair? Who are they, and how do you fit in? Find out below. 

    People who suffer from severe neck and back aches. 

    These people find sleeping in a conventional flatbed challenging since the bed does not support their muscles because the mattresses are flat and poorly padded. During these times, a massage chair can provide some relief.

    People who are recovering from surgery. 

    If you are recovering from recent surgery, you can use a massage chair to sleep in since it will support your body, increasing your recovery and reducing the pain. A massage chair offers extreme cushioning, even better than many beds. 

    People with acid reflux problems. 

    Acid reflux is a burning sensation in your stomach. In such cases, sleeping in a reclined posture is wise. In a reclining posture, gravity helps the stomach push down food from the esophagus, reducing the burning sensation. And the best place for a reclining position is a massage chair. 

    People with sleep apnea. 

    In sleep apnea, as the throat muscles relax, they restrict the airway, causing breathing problems and snoring. Even here, massage chairs’ reclining feature helps since it keeps your head higher than your chest, releasing the airway and help to fall asleep. 

    Women in their third trimester. 

    Doctors do not recommend pregnant women sleep on their backs during their third trimester since it may reduce the blood circulation to the fetus. Hence, sleeping on the side is advised. Although if sleeping on the side is uncomfortable for you, you can sleep on a semi-reclined massage chair.

    Here Are Some Tips To Help You Sleep Better With Your Massage Chair

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    A massage chair for insomnia relief has proven effective, yet, sleeping in premium massage chairs for the entire night is not advisable. 

    Keeping aside the inconvenience, spending the entire night in one posture can result in minor aches and stiffness. Additionally, the design of the massage chair is such that you’ll have to spend the entire night lying back flat on the seat. As a result, your spine may suffer if you sleep on your side while sitting on a chair.

    However, following these tips can help you improve the quality of your sleep while using a massage chair:

    • Short naps of 15-20 minutes are the best ( especially the afternoon naps). Taking a long nap in the middle of the day can cause difficulty sleeping at night. 
    • To improve sleep quality, you can start massage sessions (10-15 minutes) before sleeping. And make sure you go to bed immediately after the session since it will relax your mind and body, making you fall asleep.
    • Instead of sleeping in a massage chair, consider sleeping in your bed immediately after the massage session. 
    • If you suffer from any medical issues, use pillows to elevate your head and legs when sleeping.
    • If you have any medical conditions, consult your doctor about whether sleeping in massage chairs is safe. 
    • A quality massage chair is what you need to get good quality sleep. It does not have to have premium features, but the comfortable cushioning and upholstery will do. In addition, look for a massage chair with multiple recline angles, preferably with a Zero Gravity function.


    While sleeping in a massage chair seems like a good idea, I would not recommend you sleep for longer durations. These chairs offer many benefits like improved sleeping, releasing feel-good hormones, and so on. But, it can be discomforting and unpleasant to sleep the entire night in them. 

    Use massage chairs only after having consulted your doctor. Although, sleeping for 2-3 hours or taking a short of half an hour is safe and beneficial. You can follow the tips mentioned above to enjoy your massage chairs and have a good quality sleep.

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