Summit1g Chair – Which Chair Does He Use?

You might be among those gamers who idolize Ninja, Summit1g, or Joe Rogan and are looking to invest in gaming equipment like them. To achieve the ultimate console gaming experience, you need a good gaming chair. The following article will provide more details on what gaming chair does Summit1g use, its benefits, and overall review.

Who Is Summit1g?

Summit1g, also known as Jaryd Russell Lazar, gained recognition as a player of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Later, he took part in two teams: Mythic and A51. Despite his retirement from competitive gaming, Summit1g didn’t give up gaming. He then started streaming games like WarZ. His Youtube channel Summit1g currently has 703 K subscribers and 115,231,417 views. Among other streamers on the platform, he is the ninth most popular.

Did you know? Summit used “1g” as a tag since “summit” was already taken. In his name, Summit puts “1G” because it’s the name of an old Counter-Strike club (named “1st Generation”).

Summit1g Net Worth

He is a celebrity on Twitch with over 3.1 million followers and 28,000 subscribers, and a net worth of $11.5 million.

What Chair Does Summit1g Use?

Summit1g uses the real leather Noblechairs HERO. Since October 2019, Summit1g has switched from Secretlab TITAN chairs to Noblechairs HERO BLACK chairs. Before that, he was using Maxnomic NEEDforSEAT PRO.

Different Types of Chairs Used by Summit1g

Now that we know Summit1g, let’s know more about the different gaming chairs he has used.

  • Firstly, Maxnomic NEEDforSEAT PRO,
  • Secondly, Secretlab TITAN, and
  • Currently, Noblechairs HERO

Here are the key features of all the three Summit1g chairs.

Chair name    Secretlab TITANNoblechairs HEROMaxnomic NEEDforSEAT PRO
UPHOLSTERYPU Leather, SoftWeave Fabric, NAPA Leather, Memory Foam Head PillowHERO real leather,
Cold foam HERO PU leather
Synthetic suede PU leather,
Cold cured foam, Upholstered oval quilting seats.
FRAMESteel SteelTubular steel frame, Elastic strap supports
CASTERSCoated casters5 castersStandard casters
RECLINE85°- 165° tilt positionUp to 11°5 tilt mechanism
LUMBAR SUPPORTPresentPresentUnfastened lumbar cushion 
WEIGHT CAPACITY<130Kg150 KgMax 150Kg
$737.00 (real leather)
$508.00. ( PU leather)

(The custom color scheme is not available for sale on the Noblechairs website)

If you know about the PewDiePie gaming chair, then I’m sure you know that it reclines at 50%. However, this is not the case for the Summit1g chair. You can read more about the PewDiePie chair by clicking here.

Summit1g’s Noblechairs HERO Features 

HERO is one of Summit1g’s favorite gaming chairs. What makes it so? Let’s examine the features now.

Sturdy Base

For greater durability, the Noblechairs HERO features a slender, corrosion-resistant aluminum base. Rolling across carpets or hard floors is easy, thanks to the chair’s five nylon caster wheels. Besides that, it is silent even while rolling.

It has rust-proof features and a polyurethane coating on the wheels, as mentioned earlier. The capacity of this gaming chair is around 330 pounds. Summit1g is not a very heavy person, but if you are, then this might work well for you.  

One of the HERO chair’s characteristics is its Class 4 gas lift for safety and adjustments. As a result, you’ll have the comfort to work or stream.


Along with the embroidered logo on the headrest, the chair features the Noblechairs emblem sewn into the center. Also, the diamond-patterned stitching on the headrest and backrest are equally attractive. Additionally, the color combinations are endless. Aside from the black standard color for the PU leather HERO, clients can customize their chairs by choosing various stitchings. There are also special edition designs for DOOM and Fallout.

Ergonomic Features

Below are some additional ergonomic features Noblechairs HERO chairs offer.


The chair can also be set up in countless other ways besides the 4D armrests. The entire chair can be rocked and tilted using the rocking mechanism. Besides, your backrest can be tilted back to a maximum of 125 degrees, starting at 90 degrees. You can also adjust the seat height so that you can use this chair for hours on end.


Instead of real leather, would you prefer PU leather? One of the options you have with the HERO is to do that. Alternatively, this chair can be ordered with leather or a combination of leather and materials. When you look at it, the leather stands out for its premium quality. In comparison with real leather, PU leather is 1.5 millimeters thick. Despite being very breathable, the leather upholstery is water-resistant. Therefore, making it easy to clean.

Lumbar Support

The chair has integrated lumbar backrest assistance. This chair’s backrest mimics the natural S shape of the human spinal column. Your weight distribution becomes more even if you lean into the backrest. With continued use, the memory foam will conform to the contours of your head and neck. A cold-cured foam covers the rest of the chair, so you won’t become achy after sitting for hours on end.

Seat and Backrest

Along with those wider armrests that set it apart from a standard gaming chair, the backrest boasts more length and width, which makes you feel almost cradled by the chair as you lean back. Along with that, you get a larger seating surface area.

According to, the backrests of the ergonimics chairs should be 12-19 inch size. The Hero’s backrest’s width is 13 inches. A good backrest prevents you from back pain.


These PU armrests are designed to be big enough to accommodate your forearms or elbows. You will stay in control even if your arms get sweaty while streaming, all thanks to the textured grip surfaces. You can customize the armrest’s angle, depth, and height with the 4D adjustment settings.

Armrests are useful and can reduce your body weight on the chair by 10%. Gamers argue that they don’t need armrests to sit closer to the desk and use the desk as an armrest. Yet many say they need them when relaxing between games. Armrests are much needed in office chairs than gaming chairs.

Health Benefits of a Hero Gaming Chair

Gaming professionals need to sit comfortably. Otherwise, a long stint on it would be painful. Due to this, the gaming chair reduces back pain and corrects posture.

Is it Worth Buying a Summit1g Chair?

The answer is yes. Noblechairs manufactures gaming chairs that can also double as office chairs. Many features are adjustable, including 4D armrests, which are not yet common in gaming chairs. The Hero isn’t too bad from a price standpoint.

Unless you care about having a premium leather chair, you can get this gaming chair for under $600. Not to mention, they offer free shipping, so in my opinion, this is awesome.

Where Can You Buy Summit1g’s Chair?

You can find Summit1g’s chair on Noblechairs’ website. Similarly, Amazon also offers the Summit1g chairs, but only in PU faux leather. No matter which color you choose, shipping is free on the HERO chairs.

Alternatives to Summit1g’s Chair

Suppose you are interested in a gaming chair that is equally on par with Summit1g chairs. Look no further!
I have compiled the three best alternative gaming chairs you can choose from.

Secretlab Titan XL

The Secretlab Signature pillows might even outperform the Hero’s foam-padded headrest in terms of comfort. Moreover, it has a cooling gel within, unlike the Hero. Despite the Titan XL’s smaller armrests, you can set them down, up, forward, back, at a right angle, or a left angle.

Reclining as far as the chair allows seems to have a bigger range of motion than the HERO. An included backrest knob also allows you to easily adjust the depth of the cushion settings for your lumbar. Despite being firm, the Secretlab cold-cure foam on the seat is also soft. Therefore, maintaining your posture by its firmness.

Adjustable chair height is provided by KGS Class 4 pistons mounted on an aluminum XL wheelbase. You can roll around on the extra-large PU casters without damaging your floors.

Both Secretlab Titan XL and Noblechairs HERO offer high-quality PU leather, and they look almost the same. However, the headrest memory foam of the Secretlab Titan XL chair is more comfortable and cooler.

So, you can buy either one; there are minimal differences. We’ll cover the differences in a separate post.

Cost: $600!

DXRacer Racing Series

It has characteristics of tilting and rocking up to 135 degrees, reclining backrests ranging from 90 to 135 degrees, height, and angular adjustment tilts. Although the armrests are 3D instead of 4D, they are comfortably padded. Based on the tough build, the base emphasizes PU caster wheels and a Class 4 gas lift.

This gaming chair allows you to slide across a room with its three rotating wheels and its three rotating wheels. This tall backrest is tailored to match your body with molded molding foam throughout. Besides the backrest, you also get dual lumbar and headrest pillows with the DXRacer logo.

The chair’s black leather upholstery material is available in several color blends such as white accents, black with gray accents, or black with red accents.

If you’re on a budget and don’t care about the materials, go for DXRacer. If you’re a perfectionist and ready to spend an extra $300 for fine materials and design, go for Noblechairs HERO.

Cost: $300.

AKRacing Core Series EX

Gaming chairs like this one are constructed with a metal base and powder-coated paint that prevent corrosion. With reinforcement belts running through the frame, the chair will last at least ten years. Like the Noblechairs HERO, it can hold 330 pounds and has ergonomic features such as rocking and tilting.

It has 3D armrests that can be rotated in several directions. However, they don’t lock. In addition to the headrest pillow and lower back pillow, the chair is made from cold-cured foam to promote ergonomics and proper posture.

Instead of PU leather, the Core Series EX uses fabric upholstery designed for breathability and durability. You can get upholstery in black and blue, black and red, black and blue, black and black, or all black.

Again, go for it if you’re on a tight budget.

Cost: $300.


Like other gamers like Ninja and Jimmy Broadbent, Summit1g is also famous for its gaming chair. It is possible to customize your HERO by selecting the material you prefer.

If you’re a fan of the games DOOM or Fallout, you can get respective limited edition chairs. Therefore, if you want to buy a new chair for your console, Noblechair HERO is the best choice.

Similarly, if you select one of the three alternative chairs I suggested, you will soon be able to stream like Summit1g! The question “What kind of chair does summit1g use?” seems to be answered.

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