Different Types of Dining Chairs with Best Styles and Designs

Dining chairs are also called elbow chairs or carver chairs. According to Collins dictionary, it is defined as a seat designed to be used during mealtimes at a dining table. This furniture is sure to last you for eternity, provided you take good care of it. 

Thinking of hosting a small get-together or a formal dinner party? But don’t have the right dining set or want to revamp your old set, such that it looks brand new.

I got you!

Maybe the above is just an excuse to buy a new dining chair set. Regardless of what and which dining chair design style you plan to adorn your dining table with, providing your table with the right chairs can transform your dining room in a moment. 

I have listed some of the best and economical dining chairs, from sophisticated upholstered alternatives to modern styles. 

Check Out Diffrent Types of Dining Chairs

Markets and furniture stores offer different types of dining chairs. Therefore, it can be confusing when choosing what dining chair you want to add to your dining room.

To make things easier and less confusing, I have compiled a list of types of dining chairs you can choose from. Let’s go!

Arm dining chair

source crateandbarrel.com

These armchairs are placed at the head and foot of the dining table. As the name suggests, it is a type of dining room chair with armrests. However, they can be standalone furniture pieces or match side chairs. Lastly, they feature a range of upholstery materials that need proper care from time to time. 

 Tip: The chair’s upholstered seat determines how the chair feels when in use, how it looks, and the comfort level it provides. Therefore, choose a a chair with an upholstered fabric material.

Parsons chair

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They are completely upholstered types of dining chairs and accentuate a tall, upright, and arm less structure. The chair has the ability that can help it to customize what type of upholstery is the correct match to it.

For a unique spin, place the Parson dining chair alongside the head of the table, foot of the table. Not only do they provide comfort, but furthermore offer versatile styling such as tufted, smooth, patterned, or solid.

Side chair

source wayside-furniture.com

This is a creative side chair that can be placed along the sides of a dining table. You can give your creativity a kick start and mix-match dining chairs with tables.

Similar to the armchair, the side chair also shows a variety of building materials.

In contrast, armchairs can be positioned around the dining table irrespective of the position. However, it is etiquette to place the armchair at the head and foot of the table for a formal setting. In addition, this type of dining chair is arm less.

Outdoor dining chairs

If you have an outdoor patio dining table, you might want to take a sneak peek at these amazing four dining chairs.

Windsor dining chair

source mainecottage.com

The Windsor chair is a particular type of bow-back chair. Therefore, the Philadelphia Windsor dining chair is a classic era vintage. For instance, it has a steam-bent mid rail that proceeds through the armrest.

To point out, the above feature is a colonial-era furnishing element.  It also represents the early American theme with this spindle-like bow back and scrolled legs.

Folding dining chair

source foter.com

You get what you see. In short, a folding chair is exactly what it says it is– a folding chair. In more simple words, it folds.

However, these chairs are used as spare dining chairs for a plus one invited/uninvited guest. Therefore, they are not utilized as a daily part of a dining setting.

Classic dining chair

Source west elm. in

Classic types of dining chairs are most common in the countryside and have a broad category. The feature of this dining chair is the turned legs. Not to mention, these beauties are arts of precision and artistic handiwork. In short, they are handmade chairs. 

Tip: If you are looking for a dining chair that provides good lumbar support, then 30cm or 40cm is the ideal height of the good supporting back rest.

Shaker dining chair

source lowsfurniture.com

Not only is the Shaker style chair simple, but it also is both chic and elegant. It has a broad top tail Elm and is made from Burnished honey stain, which goes back down to the fan back. However, the steam-bent slats are made using dark wood. 

Tip: When shopping for this chair type, see that the construction and lumbar support are ideal and do not give you a bad sitting posture.  

Outdoor Back chairs

If you have an outdoor garden or patio with a dining table, you will need to choose dining chairs that will be long lasting and have a tough make. This is because the chairs will bear the abuse and use from daily use and most likely from the changing climates.

In addition, you can tuck the chairs inside the house and get them out when needed. Here are some types of back chairs:

Wingback chair

source foter.com

Its high back feature typically characterizes this chair. Wooden legs and winged sides complete their appearance. Wing-back chairs have been rooted for convenience, and they also add vogue to the room they are placed.

Not to mention, it is a classic chair that has a deeply rooted history. Thus, this type of dining chair is sure to highlight your dining table setting.

Ladderback chair

source potterybarn.com

The Ladderback Chair is an excellent replica of the Shaker ladder back chairs. It has its roots deep in the early American colonist period. Therefore, this chair has a tall and narrow structure.

However, if you ever happen to be browsing for ladder back chairs, it can be pointed out that most of the chairs are made of brown maple wood. 

Tip: A brown maple wood dining chair is best suited for a dining table as well as an artist’s chair.

Slat back chair

source overstock.com

It is one of the most traditional types of chairs. It is a combined mixture of mission and shaker-style chairs. This dining chair features a rectilinear form and vertical slats. Hence, giving a timeless appeal.

TIP: This Slat back type chair is commonly placed in a casual setting dining room or kitchen nook.

Cross back chair

source hubert.com

This chair oozes grace and is a contemporary furniture piece. It is also known as the X back chair. The cross-back dining chair is ideal for any room style. Not only is it graceful, but also simple, modern, and neutral.

Therefore, it is not confined just to the dining room space. Similarly, it is available with arms and without arms. In addition, it is also suitable for office rooms.

Press back chair

source blog.countrychicpaint.com

These press back chairs are generally traditional. Therefore, it is a part of the Early American chair style. Hence, you are likely to find the pressed image on the top tail, which represents a pressed wheat bunch.

In conclusion, this is the main feature of the press back style. It is, however, a pressing from steel plates and not a real carving. Hence, the title “Press Back Chair.” 

Sheaf back chair

source plowhearth.com

They are classical and traditional dining room chairs. The distinguishing characteristic of the sheaf back chair is the spindles at the back. In short, the chair is steam bent.

Therefore, they seem draped in a piece of wood to compare with bundles of wheat. Additionally, the stiles are adorned with discontinuous finials in the early American style

Bow back chair

source howelondon.com

The best example of this is the Magnussen dining chair. This chair style fits with different style categories. Therefore, the most common peculiarity of the chair is the steam-bent bow feature.

For example, it has a carved queen Anne slat back, a polished modern base, and classic and traditional spindles in the bow back. All in all, it is a versatile piece of a dining set. Moreover, they have a stretcher base which gives it durability.

Plastic back chair

source nilkamalfurniture.com

Plastic dining chairs can usually be plastic clear or a hued chair with a plastic frame. Aside from being convenient, it is also stackable. Consequently, it is compact and affordable.

This type of chair model ranges from ornate, crystalline to the common plastic chair styles.

Contemporary chair

source pepperfry.com

For example, the Waterbury dining chair. It is available in two tones and two wood materials.  Therefore, these dining room chairs fit in well with the contemporary category dining tables. It is timeless, simple yet elegant furniture. Moreover, it has a wavy back.

Tip: Pair this chair with a shaker chair or a modern dining chair for a beautiful dining table setting.

French country chair

source walmart.com

This dining room chair embodies the simple pastoral French and the overly high Louis Phillipe style. For example, the Westminster dining chair. Therefore, it takes a fresh take when it comes to its features.

For instance, the great railing is similar to the Queen Anne chair. In addition, the French country dining chair features cabriole legs, a scrolling apron, and a solid wooden base stretcher.

However, not every design of this chair has a rush seat. 

Note: Rush seats are made from woven grass. This chair has a high life expectancy of almost 20 to 30 years.

Farmhouse chair

source anthropologie.com

There is a wide selection of hardwoods and finishes available for the farmhouse design sidearms and armchairs. Not only they are functional, but they also have a cottage-style theme.

They have a wide category that includes classic, ladder backs, simple modern style, and rustic and industrial. Hence, they make a wonderful addition to the dining table. 

Tip: Feel free to mix and match your dimming furniture. However, don’t clown it. Don’t do that. 

Modern chair

source thespruce.com

These types of dining chairs and sets are the most updated versions of vintage chairs with a twist. Therefore, they represent a blend of sophisticated craftsmanship and progressive design. Also, they may or may not have armrests.

Therefore this will depend on what style you choose. However, the design of the modern style chair can be described as a chair having upright legs sans the ornamentation. Hence, they are ideal for daily dining and casual use.


In conclusion, I hope this article was helpful and that you have found out what type of dining chair you wish to buy to ante up your dining room and dining tables. Dining chairs are ubiquitous in residential homes as well as formal settings. 

Choose the best types of dining chairs from the above list and renovate your home according to your wish—comment below which one is your favorite one.

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