36 Types of Office Chairs for You to Choose From this Huge List

Research says a person spent 5 hours and 45 minutes on average per day sitting at a desk in the office. Sitting for long hours affects not only your physical and mental health but also affects work productivity. Well, it’s needless to mention how important it is to choose appropriate types of office chairs for the employees.

Getting the best types of office chairs becomes vital to get through long workdays. But, how many types of chairs are there? Which one is perfect for you?

If these questions plague you before you purchase an office chair, then look no further. This article will guide you through the different types of chairs in the market for your home office or your workplace. Before that, let us look at what an office chair is.

What is an office chair?

An office chair also called a desk chair, is a type of chair used in an office or a working environment. The most common office chair has a single gas lift that carries the weight of the user. However, some are also traditional and have no such mechanisms. In addition, some desk chairs have wheels attached to their base while others do not.

Now that we know what an office chair is let us look at its types. We have divided the categories based on

  • appearance/style,
  • material,
  • uses,
  • ergonomic features, and
  • chair arm features.


1. Industrial Chairs

Starting with the most simple chair of all, industrial chairs are very modest. Further, they are known for their exposed metal structures and sharp details. As one can tell, an industrial chair is very minimal.

Hence, it serves the purpose it has been made for. If you are looking for a sleek, simple, and dark-looking chair, an industrial chair is your best choice.

2. Traditional Chairs

Source: Pinterest

A traditional chair can be identified with its homely, large structure with plenty of support and cushioning. In fact, it is more comparable to a chair from the 80s or the 90s.

The chair always has plush leather padding in a shade of brown. Also, its regal look features high-quality wood or metal. Basically, such a chair is meant to command attention and respect.

However, a traditional chair is not traditional in all its aspects. Such chairs come with wheels and swivel features that will allow you to navigate around your cabin. Further, the chair contains a pneumatic lift for height adjustment.

3. Modern Chairs

Source: webstaurantstore.com

A modern office chair is the opposite of a traditional one. It is quirky, interesting, and experimentative. Although modern chairs are not as grand as traditional desk chairs, they bring bright colors and edgy styles to your office environment.

4. Rustic/Vintage Chairs

Source: furniture express.co.za

A rustic chair might feel in place in a log cabin as well as in an office. It features bulky woods such as pine or oak and has vintage-looking cushions. One can confidently say that a rustic chair will last for a long time due to the quality of its components.

5. Transitional Chairs

Source: Pinterest

A transitional chair is the perfect combination of a traditional and a modern chair. It features the characteristic grand look of a traditional chair but brings in a splash of edginess and quirk in its design.

Such desk chairs are great for people who want to incorporate interesting but homely designs in their workplace.

6. Mid-Century Chairs

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A mid-century chair would look perfect in a home office. Its tasteful upholstery and warm colors, combined with minimal and exposed wood, add much aesthetic beauty to your setting. In addition, mid-century types of office chairs are very comfortable.

7. Craftsman Chairs

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Craftsman chairs can easily be confused with rustic chairs. However, craftsman refers to a specific style of houses found in Midwestern America. Such office chairs are known for their exposed wood, brown tones, and heavyweight.

Unfortunately, many craftsman-style chairs are not very adjustable. But, their high-quality materials and their longevity definitely make them worth it.

8. Farmhouse Chairs

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Farmhouse chairs or cottage-style chairs are very similar to craftsman chairs. They share the same exposed wood and rustic feel that craftsman chairs do. However, these are more similar to traditional office chairs.

Again, they are not adjustable, so they might not be the best for every worker. But, their durability and style are unmatchable.

9. Glam Chairs

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A glam chair is exactly what it says it is; glamorous. It pays attention to luxury and style more than anything. Also, you can expect to find a glam chair in a celebrity’s room, if anywhere.

In addition to this, a glam chair comes in vibrant colors and high-quality upholstery, which can bring out the quirky vibe of any office.

10. Tropical Chairs

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Tropical chairs are made of tropical wood such as wicker. Further, their simple, laidback style will make you feel like you are on an island. In addition to this, the chair features a comfortable design and lightweight structure.


11. Fabric Chairs

Source: woodenstreet.com

Fabric chairs might be the comfiest chairs ever. Their smooth texture will provide support and comfort to your body throughout the day. Also, fabric upholstery comes in many colors, giving you room for expression.

However, fabric office chairs are tough to clean and often get stained over time. This means that you are signing yourself up for dry-cleaning sessions and reupholstery while purchasing a fabric chair.

12. Leather Chairs

Source: zdnet.com

Leather office chairs are durable, comfortable, and pleasing to look at. In addition to this, they are widely used in office settings due to their professional look and feel. The dark color of a leather office chair makes a workplace look elegant and classy.

Not to forget, leather is effortless to clean. Also, it is resistant to natural elements and general wear and tear. However, it is quite expensive and might not appeal to people who are vegan and cruelty-free.

13. Faux Leather Chairs

Faux leather is an inexpensive alternative to leather. It offers nearly the same qualities that leather does but at an economical price. Also, it is versatile and comfortable for office use. However, faux leather tends to wear out faster than real leather.

14. Mesh Chairs

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A mesh chair is both economical and comfortable at the same time. In addition to this, it is lightweight, breathable, and very versatile. The mesh material molds according to one’s body shape and reduces any form of sweat and discomfort.

Arguably, it is the most common chair seen in an office setting.

15. Wooden Chairs

Source: storiestrending.com

Wooden chairs are probably to most durable chairs you can find. In fact, wooden furniture lasts up to 15 years. In addition to this, wood is easy to work with, so you can customize your task chair to suit your needs.

However, it is not entirely comfortable for sitting hours at a time. Hence, one can observe wooden furniture at a dinner table rather than an office. But, if you insist on buying a wooden office chair, it would be best to purchase cushions for high back support.

16. Plastic Chairs

Source: ambientedirect.com

Plastic chairs are another example of economical and versatile chairs. They are easy to work with and can be made into interesting designs. Further, the low cost of the material can shift the focus into adding more adjustability to the rest of the chair.

However, plastic chairs offer little to no comfort over long durations. In addition to this, plastic is not durable, so you will have to look for a replacement after a short time of usage.

17. Vinyl Chairs

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After mesh chairs, vinyl chairs are most commonly found in offices. Vinyl is a worthy competitor for faux leather. It provides durability and versatility at a reasonable price range.

Also, it comes in several colors and is very easy to maintain. However, it is not entirely immune to stains and scratches.


18. Common Office Chairs

Source: indiamart.com

The common office chair is what people can expect to see in most offices. It keeps in mind the comfort of the working man in every feature. So, an office chair boasts breathable mesh fabrics, lumbar support, comfortable cushioning, recline, height adjustment, swivel, and more.

All in all, this type of chair has all the ergonomic features and is one of the most economical additions to an office.

19. Conference Chairs

Source: indiamart.com

Conference chairs are used in a conference room. As you can see from the image, they are more forward-leaning to accommodate the structure of a conference room. As a result, users can lean forward without stressing their backs out.

In addition to this, the conference chair does not have a lot of ergonomic features. This is because individuals do not use them for prolonged periods.

20. Executive Chairs

Source: Amazon.com

Executive office chairs are usually for the higher-ups in your office. It is designed to be impressive. Usually, the leather-upholstered executive chair will have ample back support, cushioning, and adjustability.

21. Tall Chairs

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Not everyone can fit into the standard office chair. So, big and tall chairs are meant for tall people. They cater to people who are heavier and taller than average. In addition to this, they provide extra room for comfortable seating.

Finding the perfect chair for tall people can ensure their discomfort does not hamper their productivity.

22. Short/Petite Chairs

Source: overheardonconferencecalls.com

Short chairs are designed for people who are smaller than average. Further, such task chairs might offer the user more adjustability in height. Also, chairs for short and light people are made of lightweight materials that they can easily handle.

23. Beam Seating

Source: officeanything.com

Beam seating refers to multiple chairs attached using a metal beam that runs underneath the chairs. They usually feature basic metal or plastic structures that may or may not come with armrests.

You can find beam seating in waiting areas of offices, hospitals, or airports. This is because they help in maintaining an organized look, and they save space.

24. Guest Chairs

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You can find guest chairs in the reception areas or the waiting room of an office. Usually, they are fundamental and have no adjustability. This is because they are only used for short periods of time.

25. Loveseats

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Do not go by the name of this office seating! Loveseats have been popular among more inclusive and casual workplaces that want to do away with rigid structures and designs. These chairs are comfortable and are meant to accommodate two people.

Loveseats can be found in casual areas, lounges, or waiting areas. Again, like the guest chair, loveseats do not have adjustability because they are meant for short-term usage.

26. Armless Chairs

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Armless chairs are exactly what they claim to be; armless. They are used in office spaces that need mobility but infrequent usage. So, you might find an armless chair in a training room or any space where you will not be sitting in front of a computer for very long.

27. Stacking Chairs

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Stacking chairs are cost-effective seating arrangements at last office gatherings. In fact, every office setting usually has to stack chairs to accommodate more people if there is a need. They are very basic in their structure, have no adjustability, and can be easily stored.

28. Folding Chairs

Source: nymag.com

A folding chair is another alternative for a stacking chair. It goes a step further in being convenient for storage as it takes up minimal space.

Ergonomic Features

29. Height Adjustable Chairs

Now, although most types of office chairs have this feature, many do not. Adjustable height is a significant feature of ergonomic chairs. It accounts for people with varying heights and helps people focus on their work at an eye level.

30. Swivel Chairs

Swiveling or spinning is a fun component of office chairs. It allows users to look in any direction with a simple spin. A swilling chair will help in mobility and convenience.

31. Lumbar Support Chairs

Source: thebalancesmb.com

Lumbar support is considered to be a feature for a gaming chair and ergonomic office chair. However, manufacturers are making different types of office chairs more suitable for our posture. A chair with such support holds the lower back in an upright position, resulting in lesser back pain.

32. Kneeling Chairs

Source: nomorepainergonomics.com.au

A kneeling office chair is another type of office chair made for the comfort of its user. This ergonomic kneeling chair is designed to reduce stress on the spine. Also, it helps core muscles relax and supports the lumbar region better.

33. Wheeled Chairs

Most office chairs have wheels as they allow for easier mobility and multi-tasking. So, you can reach out for anything you need in your vicinity without having to get up.

Chair Arm Features

34. Armless Office Chairs

As mentioned before, armless office chairs are made for office spaces that are used infrequently. This includes training rooms or interview rooms.

35. Adjustable Arms Office Chairs

Source: Amazon

Modern office spaces incorporate adjustability in all aspects of their environment. Adjustable arms are one such development. This feature allows for extra comfort while working. Further, it reduces the stress placed on the arms while sitting in front of a computer.

36. Tablet Arm Office Chairs

Source: Value Office Furniture

A tablet armchair comes with a foldable writing surface on its arm. Although tablet arm-chairs are more common in universities, they are also very useful in offices. For example, some workspaces use them in their training rooms and interview rooms.


As you might have seen, there is no shortage of office chairs in the market. Every individual can bring home a chair that suits their aesthetic or their requirements.

We hope that this guide has helped you decide on what type of chair you need.

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