30 Types of Sofa Chairs Explained [Images + Designing Tips]

Sofas are an integral part of home decor. Similarly, they are also available in a wide range of shapes and patterns. You can use them to ante up your homes, offices, cafes, restaurants, and hotels.

Factories and small workshops sell sofa products in various patterns, designs, and upholstery materials. These days, universities offer furniture designing courses to students who are eager to learn this skill set. Just because a sofa chair has an ornamental design doesn’t mean that it is not durable.

The article has some further information regarding the various types of sofas, so let’s dig in.

Check Out the Huge List of 30 Types of Sofa Chairs

What are you waiting for? Discover all the different styles of sofa chairs that meet your expectations and needs. Let’s get started!

Lounge sofa chair

source urbanladder.com

This suede-looking sofa chair can prove to be another great addition to your lounge area. The lounge sofa chair is designed to give you comfort and snugness.

These types of sofas are made with soft linen fabric. Lounge types of sofas are easy to maintain and can be moved easily as it does not weigh a ton.

Single sofa chair

source flipkart.com

This sofa chair can be positioned at any corner of the room, bedroom, living room, or near a window. The chair’s frame is made from strong, durable wood and will look lavish for years to come. Single sofa types of chairs have a beautiful, elegant appeal.

The sofa chair is ideal for work and home offices. This sofa chair uses different fabric materials for its upholstery.

Tufted sofa

source trendir.com

Not only is this chair regal looking, but they also deliver comfort and an elegant appeal.  It has broad sofa cushions padding, which consists of a soft lining.

In addition, the legs of this sofa chair are short and aesthetic. The tufted sofa chair is the most suitable type for restaurants, bars, and hotels.

Seamless sofa

source stylesatlife.com

The armrest and the back of the sofa have a seamless and modern look. Notably, they have soft lumbar support sofa cushions, which help in reducing lower back pain and spine alignment.

Therefore, the upholstery is prone to get discolored and dirty.

Leather sofa

source pngitem.com

The sofa chairs are exotic and stylish. They have an aesthetic appeal that oozes luxury. They’re available as single sofa chairs and twin sofa chairs. Furthermore, their upholstery consists of soft, chic leather fabric and is waterproof.

Leather sleeper sofa types of chairs are quite comfortable to sit and sleep in. Above all, it is easy to clean and maintain and looks almost like a sofa chair bed except for the bed feature.

Sofa chair bed  

source pinterest.com

This type of chair converts into a bed. All you have to do is pull out the bottom cushion padding to convert it into a bed. However, it can fit only one person as it is small.

They are suitable for home theater rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms. Not to mention, they have soft cushion padding that is certain to give you a good peaceful rest and comfort.

Mini sofa chair

source pinterest.co.uk

They are suitable for small spaces as they occupy less space. Mini sofa styles chairs are small in size and are easy to maintain. In addition, they also have an edgy and modern look.

Bedroom sofa

source pinterest.com

This beautiful furniture can enhance your bedroom space. It is an elongated and single cushion sofa chair. They are almost similar to the diwan set. It is perfect for relaxing. Likewise, you can enjoy reading or work with your feet up.

Victorian sofa

source stylesatlife.com

They are beautiful antique sofa chairs. Victorian furniture was first initiated during the Victorian era, a period of rapid change and development. You cannot use them for casual purposes.

The sofa chair has a beautiful curve to it, along with delicate woodwork. The Victorian sofa chair has floral upholstery and a cylindrical cushion which gives it glamour. These types of sleeper sofa features make sleeping look stylish. Wouldn’t you love to get a selfie on this chair? 

Cafe sofa chair

source djimart.com

You can use this Cafe sofa chair to increase the beauty appeal of your bakery, cafe, or restaurant. In addition, they have a wide backrest which is comfortable for leaning back with a cup of tea and a book.

It has a seating space that can seat two people and a sleeping berth for one.

Sofa fabric chair

source stylesatlife.com

This sofa chair is very similar to the sofa bed chair. Furthermore, it converts into a bed and sofa. Ultimately, it is a space-saving sofa chair as it occupies a small area. However, when unfolded, it transforms into a broad and spacious sofa.

The sofa fabric chair can accommodate only one person.

Round sofa

source amazon.com

It is a whimsical type of sofa chair. It is sure to be an icebreaker for many conversations. The inner stuffing of this type of round sofa chair is so soft, making it comfortable to sit on.

Tip: Place murals, showpieces, and potted plants on either side of the sofa chair to enhance the charm of the living room

Floor sofa chair

source stylesatlife.com

The floor sofa chair is a unique concept and is ideal for small spaces. You can fold the chair at a 90-degree angle while sitting down. Not to mention, it opens to form a bed at 180°. The floor sofa chair has an effortless and minimalist design.

Modern Days sofa

source stylesatlife.com

It is a modern and contemporary sofa chair. Not to mention, they are also colorful and stylish. Not only are they available in seamless upholstery, but they also lack an armrest.

Tip: Consider an L-shaped sofa for better comfort

Art decor sofa

Source: Huffpost.com

Among different types of sofas, these Decor sofa chairs have a smooth, soft velvet upholstery. Hence, they are ideal for sleeping and comfortable first sitting purposes. 

However, on the negative side, they appear shabby and easily stain and collect dust. With this in mind, it is ideal to use light-colored velvet fabric material instead of dark-colored fabric.

 They are available as single-seaters as well as two-seaters. On the positive side, they are sturdy and comfortable.

Tip: Use of color palette that matches or coordinates with the house tapestry

Antique sofa

source alibaba.com

Antique sofa chairs are collectible interior furnishings of a certain age with aesthetically rolled arms. The chair’s age, condition, utility, and unique features increase the desire and fascination of an antique collector.

Therefore, it is commonly called a collector’s item. Hence, these types of sofas are termed antique.

Tip: Introduce an area rug at the feet of the sofa chair

Sectional sofa

source modway.com

This sofa chair is the most common type of sectional sofa chair. You can find them in living rooms and restaurants. They are common as independent pieces. The designs of these types of chairs frequently change as new models are introduced to the furniture market.

Sectional sofas are efficient. i.e., those who stay in apartments and buildings will find that this sofa chair easily fits through the doors and is easier to transport.

Not only are they designed for high-traffic rooms, but they also suit formal rooms.

Tip: Match the furniture and upholstery. You could also create pillow forts for the children during family nights.

Chesterfield sofa

source cgtrader.com

Chesterfield types of chairs are riding boots of the furniture world. The most common chesterfield types of couches and sofas are available in rich brown leather upholstery.

Notably, these characteristic features have been around for nearly 300 years. They are suitable for clubs, aristocratic homes, and palaces. However, this chair has become a widely adopted modern piece of living room furniture.

Bergère sofa

source chairinstitute.com

It is an enclosed French armchair that was coined in Mid 18th century architectural Régence period in Paris. The fully developed form of this sofa chair appeared in the Rococo style and continued to develop as an architectural rectilinear style.

Therefore, it is designed with exposed wood to be moved around for convenience, rather than being ranged formally along the walls as part of the room decor.

Mid-century modern sofa chair

source alibaba.com

This traditional sofa chair is extremely famous and most commonly advertised in a home decor magazine, television show, and Instagram accounts. It isn’t an easy task to define this mid-century sofa chair.

According to curbed.com, mid-century broadly describes the architecture, furniture, and graphic design from the mid-century. This traditional piece of furniture consists of clean lines and tapered legs. In addition, they act as wonderful focal points in a room.

Lawson sofa chair

source archiproducts.com

Lawson style sofa is a classic chair and has a simple silhouette, back pillows, and a 3 seat cushions layout.

The sofa chair’s silhouette, low arms, and padded back cushions with some throw pillows make it the chameleon of all sofas, and therefore this style is easily dressed up or down.

Ottoman storage sofa

source mydomaine.com

This sofa chair is very economical and ergonomic. Not only does it offer a seating choice, but it can be used for storage purposes. Hence, you can use it as a sofa chair. Ottoman’s are short and are pretty furniture units.

Ottomans are easy to move around as they are lightweight and customized as per the homeowner’s choice.

Tuxedo Sofa

source m.made-in-china.com

It is named after Tuxedo Park, New York, home to famous names such as JP Morgan, Dorothy Draper, and William Astor. Tuxedo Sofas are a product of the Art Decor Era, and the fact that it has a glamorous presence can raise the tone of a living room.

This sofa chair is timeless and at the same time modern, just like the suit.

Camelback sofa

source shopfactorydirect.com

Camelback sofas get their name from the curved back of the camel’s hump. Just think of it as a less flirty cousin of the cabriole sofa chair- it is curvaceous. Therefore, it is a fail-safe home decor choice.

However, some of these types of chairs have a single hump or a double hump, while some have a small dip or a barely curved back.

Chippendale sofa

source christies.com

Its exposed legs and feet characterize the 16th-century American designed furniture style. However, this sofa design is made from dark wood, and its magnificent and lavish design with rolled arm give it a royal look.

Thomas Chippendale, who was an English cabinetmaker, is the one after whom this sofa style is named.

Fun Fact: The fourth Earl of Chesterfield, Philip Stanhope, was authorized to use the Chippendale sofa to sit on the sofa with comfort and upright position without wrinkling his royal suit.

Bridgewater sofa chair

Source: cadbull.com

It is a simple and classic sofa and defines itself as a sofa chair with a low profile and lower arms. The features of a traditional Bridgewater sofa chair are a skirt, and a rolled back.

Therefore, these types of sofas are a great pick for adjustable firmness in the furniture.

Track arm sofa chair

source pinterest.com

The features of the track arm sofas straight and square arms. These sofas are popular in modern-style homes due to their straight lines, silhouette, and contemporary feel. Not to mention, it is the hardest working sofa.

Because of its flat armrests, which serve as a remote, bowl of popcorn holder, as well as keeping a glass of juice, make sure you do not keep the eatables directly on the arm surface to destroy the wood lacquer.

Cabriole sofa

Source: cgtrader.com

This sofa has curves to die for. The main feature of a cabriole sofa chair is its legs which subtly look like the ballet movement. It is one of the characteristic furniture types of Queen Anne, Louis XV, and Chippendale furniture.

It is the most famous cabriole sofa that might be seen when Tom Cruise jumped on for his enthusiastic declaration of love for Katie Holmes.

Meridienne sofa

Source: tribu.com

The “fainting couch” is also called the Meridienne sofa chair. Not to mention that this style was the epitome of luxury in the 1800s. Though we do not often see this sofa chair around, it still is a style statement.

Chaise sofa chair

source madesos.com

It gets its name from the Chaise lounge chair. Well, this chair is long and considered a reclining sofa-type chair. For example, this style of sofa chair is seen at a therapist’s office. It also appears in cartoons.

It can also be used for psychoanalysis and was given to Sigmund Freud by one of his patients. However, today it can be seen at the Freud Museum in London.

English roll arm sofa chair

Source: apartmenttherapy.com

This style first appeared in Britain’s country manors. The most defining feature of the English roll arm sofas is the rounded arms and large loose motions at the bottom, cozy and comfortable choice.

This sofa chair has made its appearance on the famous sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S– The Central Perk couch.

Sofa chair materials

These types of sofas chairs use wool, nylon as natural and synthetic fibers. Similarly, they also come in linen, velvet, cotton, rayon, and polyester fabric material. It has a layer of anti-stain coating to protect the frame. In this case, polyester and nylon are the best type of materials for sofa chair upholstery.

Furthermore, a few materials are used to manufacture sofas and couches, such as foam, polyester fiberfill wrap, cotton, and cotton-wrapped springs made from tempered steel. 

Therefore, the manufacturing process of sofa chairs especially uses specialized hand tools such as “the ripping tool” and “diagonal cutters.” As a result, it takes 300 to 600 hours of skilled labor to make a single sofa set.

Can sofa chairs used for storage?

Yes. Sofa chairs are used for storage purposes. Sofa chairs are a perfect example of a storage sofa in the Ottoman sofa chairs/sets. 

In addition, you can transform your old sofa set into a storage unit. Check this link for transformational DIY sofa beds with storage.


In conclusion, there are many sofa chairs we can choose from. I hope you found a dream sofa chair you always wanted. In addition, I hope this article has given you more sofa chair options to revamp your home decor or splurge on if you like collecting sofa chairs.

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