How To Use A Massage Chair? [8 Easy Steps]

Imagine this: You have a hectic work schedule, making it difficult to go to a massage therapist every time. Fortunately, the invention of massage chairs has made life easy for such people.

After much contemplation, you decide to buy a nice, good-quality chair. But how to use a massage chair to its full potential and for your benefit?

Massage chairs relieve tensed muscles, enhance blood circulation, and reduce minor pains and aches from the comfort of your home with massage chairs when used correctly. 

I say ‘correctly’ because many people complain about using massage chairs and getting out of it feeling sore and unrelaxed. 

Why is that so?

It is because of rookie mistakes. To avoid these rookie mistakes, I have some things up my sleeve that might be helpful. Hence, the things discussed in this article will help you have a lifetime experience with your massage chair and use it effectively. 

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Massage Chairs: Explained

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Massage chairs are an effective alternative for physical massages. Simply put, the best massage chairs vibrate, roll, knead, press, and warm your tired muscles at the touch of a button to provide comfort, relaxation, and self-indulgence. 

Although massage chairs cannot replace professional, physical massages, they offer similar benefits. For example, shiatsu methods, heat treatment, and compression massage provide targeted relief to the body parts such as the neck, lower abdomen, and legs. 

Generally, doctors tend to rely on traditional massage therapy for pain relief, anxiety, or stress. Nevertheless, they do suggest massage chairs for the advantages they offer. 

Research says that the home massage chair system was economical, but physiotherapy provides a more significant impact on releasing stress and relieving pain. Nonetheless, massage chairs also promise to assist in pain relief and body aches to a large extent. 

Massage chairs are available in various types, sizes, and features. While low-cost massage chairs offer vibration and rolling massage, high-end massage chairs offer a variety of features such as heat, programs, and reclination to help you relax.

So, one might be unaware of using these different features. Therefore, I have a list of things you should understand while using your massage chair for the first time. 

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How To Use Your Massage Chair Effectively?

Mayoclinic, in their article, states that massages of any kind should not be painful or uncomfortable at any point. It applies to physical massages as well as massage chairs. 

When it comes to massage chairs, the reasons you might feel sore or uncomfortable are

  • chair is not running smoothly; it needs to reset.
  • features are not used properly.
  • chair settings are at fault.
  • the chair is misused. 

To understand how to use your massage chairs, remember the following things. 

Read The Manual

Many people are unaccustomed to massage chairs or are beginners, meaning they have no clue how to use a massage chair. It can be intimidating for them. Well, since it is an electronic device, until and unless you control it, it won’t work.

For this reason, before assembling your massage chair, always read the manual thoroughly. Go through all of the safety precautions and the usage and maintenance instructions. It is the first step to using your massage chair effectively and efficiently. 

You will need to plug in the chair and supply power for the chair to work. For the chair to fully recline, place it at the correct distance from the wall and use the remote or finger controls.

To tell you in a few words, what the manual will have to say is:

  • Take off your shoes, remove your jacket, and make yourself comfortable in the chair before you begin. 
  • Relax and loosen your body and press the back of your body firmly into the seat cushion. 
  • When sitting in the chair, check whether you can easily access your controls before turning on the chair.

Tip: The best way to get the most out of a massage is to avoid eating, drinking, and moving in the chair.  

Start Steady

After buying a massage chair, I am sure you would just want to sit in it as it is relaxing and pain-relieving. However, try not to go overboard with it. Why?

It is because, initially, your body will be unable to handle receiving massages this frequently or even every day. Therefore, a steady start is advisable for at least a couple of weeks until you get comfortable with your chair. 

So, start your massage sessions once or twice during the initial week. Later, during the second week, you can make it thrice or four times. Although, remember that during the initial weeks, your body might be sore and stiff. It is bound to happen if you have tensed and tight muscles. 

However, never ignore your body. Listen to what it has to say. If you experience body soreness until the second week, try toning it down to fewer sessions for at least a month. 

As your body adjusts to frequent massages, you can use your massage chair for long periods. Keep your body in check by paying attention to how it feels and avoiding overdosing.

Did you know?

According to BabyCenter, you can use your massage chairs during pregnancy. Although, make sure to use it in low settings and have shorter massage sessions. 

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Scout the settings of your massage chair

Now, this is an exploration step. Most massage chairs have numerous features with which you can play and set what fits best for you. For instance, while some chairs offer zero gravity technology, others come with airbag massages and even built-in speakers.

So, while you accustom yourself to the chair, you can explore the massage chair’s settings, programs, and remote control to help you set your chair according to your liking. In most massage chairs, the control settings are easy to use and understand, so this should be a simple yet fun process.

Make sure you use your massage chair to its fullest potential. 

Understand your body pain and trigger those areas with a massage chair

It is the step where you can test the potential of your chair. How? To do this, you should understand where you suffer from regular aches and pains and set your chair so that these areas are relaxed. 

For example, if you have lower back pain, set the chair so that its vibrations, rolling, and kneading will relieve your pain. Focusing on the areas that need it most will lead to faster and better outcomes.

To gain the most benefit from using a massage chair, we suggest using the program for a maximum of 15-20 minutes at a time. 

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If using it for medical reasons, consult your doctor

As long as you use your massage chair for minor pains, you can explore and set it the way you want. However, if massage is a part of your medical treatment, always consult with your doctor before using your chair to avoid further consequences. 

They will guide you in the right direction and tell you how to use massage chairs to your benefit. 

 Expert help 

Now, when should you seek expert help? Ideally, you should take a demo on how to use a massage chair by an expert from the company from where you purchase the chair. It will tremendously help you in using your chair to its full potential. 

Apart from that, you should seek expert help whenever you feel there is something unusual happening with the chair. 

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Keep the massage chair in good health

The last thing you would want is to shorten the lifespan of your massage chair. Hence, it is important to ensure that your massage chair lasts as long as possible after purchasing it. And to maintain the functioning of your chair, you need to clean the chair regularly. 

Try the following tips for your massage chair maintenance :

  • Daily cleaning – Try cleaning your massage chairs at least once a week to keep them looking fresh and clean. It will also avoid dirt and debris accumulation on the chair. 
  • Deep and thorough cleaning – You should deep clean your massage chairs every couple of months for smooth functioning. 
  • Consult an expert – If you feel that your chair is overheating or making noises, consult an expert before doing anything yourself since it is an electronic device. 
  • Regular usage – After getting used to your chair, you can use it regularly. 

Keep the chair in the surroundings which are nice and cozy.

It is more of a suggestion than a necessary step about how to use a massage chair. 

  • Try to avoid placing your chair under direct sunlight or in a place where it is easily accessible to children or pets.
  • Try to put your massage chair in an open space with plenty of room and a place where you can access the lighting and temperature to make it relaxing and cozy. I

Check out this instructional video on how to use a massage chair!

How to Use the Good Vibrations Massage Chair – Instructional Video

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