What Gaming Chair Does Ninja Use?

In the gaming world, a Gaming chair would be like a suit and tie. Ninja, better known as Richard Tyler Blevins, is one of the most prominent gamers in the Valorant, Fortnite, and League of Legends communities. Likewise, he has a following of over 24.1 million subscribers on YouTube. He is the 15th popular gaming YouTuber where PewDiePie ranks 1, according to socialbook. Moreover, he is one of the biggest twitch streamers having 17m followers.

Even if you aren’t a gamer, if you spend hours sitting in front of your computer, a gaming chair will help you.  

What Gaming Chair Does Ninja Use?

Ninja uses a custom Maxnomic gaming chair made by NeedforSeat, currently. When he started streaming videos on Twitch/YouTube, he used a regular office chair.

Ninja Chair: Maxnomic Dominator

Source pogamer.com

The color of the ninja’s gaming chair is blue+black.

Do you know summit1g also used Maxnomic chair? Furthermore, Dr. Disrespect switched to the Sidiz chair from the Maxnomic NeedforSeat Pro chair

Who Makes the Maxnomic Dominator Gaming Chair?

NeedforSeat makes the Maxonomic Dominator chair used by Ninja. In the past, NeedforSeat has sponsored several eSports events.

A great thing about NeedforSeat chairs is that you can order them with a custom embroidery logo and a Gamertag. In the gaming chair industry, no one else offers that. 

Features of The Ninja Chair

You know who Ninja is and what chair he uses. So, let’s get to know more of what makes Ninja’s chair so popular.


This gaming chair has a solid reinforced aluminum base. Aluminum makes it lightweight as well as sturdy. Aluminum is a corrosion-resistant metal. Additionally, an Aluminum oxide coating on the outer layers of the chair protects the inner aluminum.  

Cold Cured Foam

The Maxnomic gaming chair uses cold-cured foam for greater comfort. By molding itself to the body, this type of seat provides comfort while sitting. Because they are less likely to leak air, they maintain their shape for their entire life. Foams like these are used in car seats. Another benefit of this foam includes; wear and tear-resistant, stain-resistant.

Lumbar Support

As the chair lacks an inbuilt lumbar mechanism, it features an adjustable backrest cushion that provides lumbar support, with a knob allowing for different levels of pressure applied to the backrest. A high concentration of sitting for many hours has been proved to be unhealthy. It feels the gap between the user’s spine and the seat.

Not to forget, lumbar support reduces back pain – quotes spine-health.com.

4D Armrests

You’ll love how the armrests can be adjusted for width, height, positioning, and tilt angles. Finger rests are one of the additional features of the armrests of this chair. The armrests appear to have a paw shape on their edges called the finger rests.

These 4D armrests are part of an ergonomic design. From my personal experience, ergonomic chairs are a must if you spend more than 10 hours seating in the chair. From the shoulders, the armrests bear some of the stress. If there is no armrest support, the arms will hang, and the load will fall on the shoulders. 

Not to mention, we all gamers use the mouse 90% of the time and move them frequently. Just imagine playing games for 4-5 hours without armrest support. This will put an immense strain on the shoulder. In addition, the mouse movement will not be stable. As a gamer, I need a mouse balance to control precession. Having no armrest makes it pointless to buy an expensive mouse.

Personally, I prefer a gaming chair with good armrest support. Some gamers, however, use the table for hand support. Here, the table takes the load via hand, and the load on the arms is minimized. Well, that’s a terrible idea, and you’ll experience wrist pain in the long run. 


For exceptional comfort, the Maxnomic seat back reclines to a full 49 degrees. Additionally, you can tilt it forward seven degrees. A great feature of the chair is the five different tilting positions. Alternatively, you can adjust the pressure levels on the backrest with a simple knob.

The reclining function allows you to rest comfortably on the chair at such an angle that you can sleep in it. The gaming chair won’t disappoint you if you wish to drink a cup of tea or take a short nap between games. Moreover, the chair is equipped with a class 4 cylinder, which helps maintain its suspension while providing adequate shock absorption.


The chair is equipped with heavy-duty and high-quality casters that roll smoothly without damaging your floor. As a result, the PU leather-coated casters move smoothly on the ground without scratching or creating noise.


You can get it for $499. However, it will depend on the complexity of the design and the amount of text added to the design how much a custom design will cost. Ninjas chairs with customizations generally cost somewhere between $600 and $700, and on the plus side, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.


NeedforSeat Maxnomic chairs have a warranty of two years which is the only disadvantage of this chair. 

Ninja Gaming Chair Specifications and Measurements

Now that we know of the chair’s features, it is only natural to be curious about its specifications and measurements.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of the Ninja gaming chair is 300 lbs or 150 kg.

Chair Weight

 The MAXNOMIC Dominator weighs approx 55 lbs or 25kg.

Product Dimensions

The dimensions of this chair are 32 x 27 x 14 inches.

Health Benefits of Ninja Gaming Chair

In addition to their space efficiency, gaming chairs provide comfort. Besides that, let’s see some other health benefits you can get from a Ninja gaming chair.

Back Pain

The design of Ninjas gaming chairs has been created to support your back while providing you with good posture properly. Back muscles can weaken due to poor posture and cause chronic back pain.


You are more susceptible to several health conditions if your posture is incorrect, including back pain, poor circulation, fatigue, etc. Therefore, the Ninja gaming chair helps with improving your posture thanks to its good lumbar support and backrest.

Blood Circulation

Having a better posture can improve your blood circulation. As the chair’s height can be adjusted, your leg will be perpendicular to the floor or inclined towards yourself instead of dangling in mid-air. This is a great posture for proper blood circulation.


A long session of gaming can leave gamers with a feeling of exhaustion that’s irreversible. Performing leisure activities might seem inconsequential as if one shouldn’t feel tired. The truth is that bad posture can have a significant effect on the health of an individual.

Is Ninja’s Gaming Chair Worth It?

Playing games for long periods of time puts you at risk for various health problems, regardless of whether you’re a gamer, a streamer, or a professional player. Ninja’s gaming chair is a great option for individuals looking for a stylish new chair for a gaming setup.

There are excellent color and customization options available, which means you can get a chair that is designed specifically for your body.  In general, a gaming chair is intended to protect your health and posture.

The chair should allow you to make any adjustments you want while you are seated for extended periods without feeling uncomfortable or becoming tired. Therefore, a gaming chair like the MAXNOMIC Dominator is worth buying. The adjustable lumbar support makes it the most suitable chair for tall people. Also, there will be a lumbar cushion. N4S has really worked a lot on the lumbar support. Not to forget, good lumbar support can prevent subacute back pain according to research.

The wheel is made of polyurethane. This dramatically reduces the ugly wheel noise as well as protects the floor better than its counterparts.

Where to Buy Ninja’s Gaming Chair?

If you want to buy a gaming chair similar to Ninja’s, you can choose the Maxnomic Dominator at Need4Seats and customize the specifications to your liking.

Alternatives to Ninja Chair

It isn’t necessary to pick Ninja’s exact gaming chair style if that’s not your cup of tea. There are tons of different options available for you to try.

Here are some alternatives to Ninja’s Maxnomic gaming chair. If you need a chair that fits your particular needs, you’ll be able to find it here.

DXRacer Racing Series

Gt Racing Chair
Source: gamingscan.com

Gamers who enjoy living life fast will love the DXRacer series. It is one of the best-selling models in the F-Series. To accommodate users with larger frames, the backrest has been made wider and taller. To ensure comfort while gaming for a long period of time, the Racing series is filled with the cold cure, high-density foam. 

Featuring comfortable armrests, a tubular steel frame, and a metal star base, the Racer Series offers you excellent stability. Besides the lumbar support cushion, the chair has an integrated headrest.

You can lower your seat by degrees using the angle adjuster during long gaming sessions or power naps. Comfort is the key to the Racer series. Nylon material has been used to build the base of the new table. Compared to steel, this material is more durable.

Gaming chairs like this one are built to last despite being priced at $299. The ergonomic design includes a lumbar cushion and a headrest cushion that are both comfortable and efficient. A PU cover and mesh all over make this material breathable.

The high backrest will protect your back and neck. With the adjustable seatback and three-dimensional straight armrests, you will have complete wrist and shoulder protection. The frame is coated in nylon and backed by a lifetime warranty for the parts and a 24-month warranty for the base.

Gt Racing Chair

Gt Racing Chair
Source: www.ign.com

Gaming chairs such as this one offer everything you would expect from a typical racing-style chair while costing much less than the more expensive models from MAXNOMIC and DXRacer.  The chair is made from PU leather and offers excellent style and functionality.

The durability and quality of materials are not as high-quality as those on some of the more expensive chairs on the market, but this chair still handles a lot of work at a relatively low price. This chair has a great ergonomic design and looks fantastic as well.

AK Racing Core Series EX

AK Racing Core Series EX

This chair has a price tag of $329. Using some handy adjustments, you can adjust your chair to suit your needs. Its design is unique compared to other gaming chairs. Unlike typical polyurethane leather chairs, this one is upholstered. The fabric has a mesh-like appearance. It is built very similarly to many other gaming chairs from AKRacing.

A metal skeleton supports the sides, seats, and backrest, which are padded with thick foam. Even though I saw several gaming chairs with considerably more foam, the design is both supportive and dense. It is designed to support large gamers. It can support up to 330 pounds. Furthermore, its seat is wider than other gaming chairs, providing an extra level of comfort.

SecretLab Omega

SecretLab Omega
Source: PCworld.com

This chair is a top-quality gaming chair. It is equally comfortable and durable. Therefore, it is not uncommon for SecretLab to be partnered by many sports federations and teams. This chair has impeccable PU leather upholstery, 4 times more durable than the standard PU upholstery.

In addition, it also provides a full range of adjustments and customizations. Furthermore, you can avail this chair with different design options, materials, and styles. Also, SecretLab offers a 4-year warranty on this chair.

Corsair T3 Rush

Corsair T3 Rush
Source: PCgamer.com

This chair is different from the other Corsair products. It is nowhere flamboyant, but rather a quieter design in comparison to the T2 Road Warrior. However, don’t let its lack of aesthetics faze you. This is made up for comfort, adjustments, and customizations. 

It is made from a light, airy fabric material that allows air circulation and breathability. Moreover, the fair pricing adds to the charm. If you are looking for a discrete and classy gaming chair, this is the right option for you.


There you go! Ninja’s gaming chair was reviewed in detail. Over the past few years, Ninja, among other streamers and personalities including Shroud, DrDisrespect, Bugha, and others, has been streaming for extended periods.

Despite this, there isn’t one kind of gaming chair that fits every user, so it’s understandable why others use different models and brands.

Hopefully, this article has provided some useful information and will help you find the perfect chair for your needs.

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